E3 2018: PES 2019 Continues to be a Technical Glory for Konami (Hardcore Gamer)

Hardcore Gamer sat through a demo at E3 2018 of PES 2019 and the game truly looks like you’re watching a match on television. The lighting in the stadiums, especially during the day, are untouched by any other sports game.

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ObviousGoldfish149d ago

Coincidence that Hardcore Gamer used Glory in the title? As in Hardcore Glory Hole.

smolinsk149d ago

Best football game ever, if it could just get all the licenses we could get rid of that silly arcade game fifa.

fxa5209149d ago

You can upload all original Kits online and you will have fully licenced teams and leagues using the shared kits from PES community. It just took one hour to upload all kits in PES 2018 and everything is authentic.

smolinsk148d ago

Do you know a great link to how to do it? if its allowed on here, because i tried and it fuc...all the teams and kits up

smolinsk147d ago

Thanks, i hope i can figure out how to put an option file on to my ps4 then, didn't manage the first time, as i said all the kits was fuc...up and all team names was missing, not sure what i'm doing wrong as i follwed the guide, its like there is not enough slots?

fxa5209147d ago

Follow this video and you should be good to go:

smolinsk147d ago

Thanks again, I'll try it out 😊

Diffraction_Fos149d ago

Technical glory? In what way? All I see is players taking ages to turn, the slowest defenders being able to keep up with the quickest forwards, players taking ages to shoot or pass, over-reliance on back-heels, controls that require you to combine multiple buttons to do the simplest things, AI opponent reaction time is FIFA-esque while that of your players is slow as fuck, AI opponents having unlimited stamina at the higher difficulties not to mention the obvious scripting to fuck things up for you when the game knows you're dominating.

To the fanboys that will obviously reply with how realistic the game is, making everything unnecessarily complicated and difficult neither makes it realistic nor fun. Its just like a lot of these so-called "sim racing enthusiasts" who believe that the harder a car is to drive, the more realistic it is. Or those that claim Dark Souls combat is "so awesome". If "awesome" is proportional to how little damage you deal and how much damage you take in return, then the best game according to these people would be one that constantly kills them in the first second simply for starting the game.

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Hakoom149d ago

i agree that this is the best football game but the man who created the online club mode has to quit making this mode or make it fair for everyone who plays it and stop letting the ai cheat and rigging the game

Nacho_Z149d ago

Not just that mode but the master league too. Too much interference from the AI basically fixing the match.

Hakoom149d ago

imagine with ronaldo i miss 10 1on1 shots directed at the goal in that mode on top player or legend lol
and 4 ai players slide at same time to block me xD
things that never happen when u play exibition mode
you can clearly see the game is rigged and if the ai wants to score he wil score no matter who you have
i lost with a 4 star team against a 1 star team on legend difficulty because the ball just doesnt want to go in for some reason

AK91148d ago

Can I get this in pachinko format?