Prickly denial is the wrong response to WHO's "gaming disorder"

The proposed definition is careful and cautious; more research is needed and the industry should be cooperating, not stonewalling.

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MunchMiller00176d ago

Of course the WHO is correct.

This entire industry is marketed around the vices and the weak will of customers. Just look at pricing models and monetization.

If you try to claim that gaming addiction doesn't exist, then guess what, you're likely an addict already. Only an idiot can't see the tendencies of many who throw money at this idiotic industry, for nothing in return besides getting rid of artificial time walls, or cheats. People are so easy to siphon money from, and manipulate, for this very reason.

This has been a long time coming, and really, this is a good thing. I hope the WHO runs with it, and grains ground.

Cobra951176d ago

The resistance from the industry comes down to money. I don't mean the fear of selling fewer games to kids and underage teenagers. I mean the possible liability. That's big money. Imagine the lawsuits if game companies are suddenly held accountable for the consequences of their products, including one officially labeled "gaming disorder".