Detroit Become Human is Amazing, for the Wrong Reasons

Writing on Games: "I take a look at Detroit Become Human - a game I ended up enjoying immensely, for none of the reasons intended by its creator, David Cage."

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Achamian55d ago

I actually liked the heavy rain beginning just adjusting to this new control scheme through daily wake up routine. And it makes for a nice contrast between the gorgeous house, and the ugly one you are set up with later.

Didn't play Two Souls, but this commentary looks to be pretty spot on with the points.

Lightning Mr Bubbles55d ago

One of the best and most memorable games I've played in a long time. I saw a review earlier of 1.5/5 or something like that. I don't know what game those people played. I guess everyone is allowed to have an opinion, no matter how dumb it is.

Prettygoodgamer55d ago

Yeah I agree, my partner and I completed detroit and it is in my top 3 games this gen easily along with horizon zero dawn, I can't wait to see what masterpiece this guy makes next, I lived heavy rain I loved beyond 2 souls more and detroit was even better somehow.

I want him to make a noir detective game next in the same style.

chris23555d ago

one man‘s floor is another man‘s ceiling. calling orhers dumb because they want more out of their games than a bad story and the feeling of watching a movie is bold *g*

goldwyncq55d ago

It's Quantic Dream's best game by far and is also the best in its genre.

Hardiman55d ago

Such a well crafted, multilayered game! Technically it's a marvel but also in its delivery as well! Not to be missed for sure!