‘Detroit: Become Human’ collapses under the weight of its own hubris | RG Review

Quantic Dream’s latest interactive adventure is visually stunning but thematically shallow.

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UCForce149d ago

Well, i disagree with this article.

Aeery149d ago

This reviewer is just another useless SJW.

The review itself is also pretty terrible.

chrisx149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

What storm? that's his opinion. millions of people are totally enjoying the game.

CP_Company149d ago

storm is not coming. retard opinions don't count anyways. nothing is here, just site to blacklist.

EdMcGlone149d ago

No disrespect to God of War, I'm just not an action RPG fan, but Detroit is my personal GOTY so far. Loved every second of it. Heavily disagree with this review.

morganfell149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

@CP,, meet the Hosts file...

149d ago
TheOptimist149d ago

Well congratulations to both of you for making me click on the link ;-;

Goldenhawk521149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

It's his opinion but fanboys get soooooooo butthurt and will attack anything that doesn't match their opinion because somehow their opinions shuld be held at a higher standard. Alot consist of little kiddies though. ESPECIALLY Nintendo games OMG. Those r cruel ppl. Get ready for a lynch mob and board up ur windows or find a bunker to hide in. If u say anything u dont like OMG.

OB1Biker149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Isnt it the point of comment section to express opinions?
Arent you the one getting offended because people express their opinion?
I don't get the Nin reference though haha

KillBill148d ago

I know right... it debuted at #3 on the NPD right behind 'State of Decay 2' and 'God of War'... not like people put it in a long list of exclusives that showed that Sony was bringing the heat this year. Wait.... or did they say 'State of Decay 2' was going to be a failure and 'Detroit' was the game that was setting new bars for other games? I can never remember from day one to day two.

No Way148d ago

Morganfell, the epitome of whats wrong with gaming. "Boohoo, i dont like their opinion - block them! Its just not fair for someone to have a different opinion than mine. It shouldnt be allowed! Its not fair! Block them!"

Why you so butthurt that someone dislikes a game you like? It must be hard personally disagreeing with millions of gamers. But, keep fighting "the good fight!"

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neutralgamer1992149d ago (Edited 149d ago )


Millions are enjoying and it's selling well so maybe the author didn't enjoy it good for him or her there are plenty of other games to enjoy

QD and their games are unique and appeal to certain types of gamers so we understand not everyone will like their games

That's why they are with Sony/playstation. Playstation have the most diverse fanbase

We don't all like the same games that's why it's good to have something for everyone

Razzer149d ago 👌

doggo84149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

"However, “Detroit” continues Quantic Dream’s terrible streak of treating women in its games like items meant to be objectified"

Aaaaaaaand there it is, I was doing a count down to the inevitable "let's wreck this game's score because i have an agenda and cant appreciate a game for what it is" .

Acadius149d ago

Can this ‘review’ effect the current 78 score on Metacritic? Is there a close off window for reviews or can anyone basically create a site, write a hollow review in an attempt to weigh down the overall score?

ILoveEmman149d ago

Just use opencritic and remove the snowflake reviews

G3ng4r149d ago

^ Removing a review because it hurts your feels is a snowflake action. Keep thinking your special opinion is the only one.

dumahim149d ago

Why would someone want to include or consider reviews from someone who has a different viewpoint on certain subjects? That's like accepting a review from someone who doesn't like racing games that reviewed a racing game. There's plenty of other reviewers out there with opinions more in line with your own.
That's really how reviews should work. Not some consolidated number. Find reviewers who have similar interests and likes as you, and listen to what they have to say.

UCForce149d ago

@G3ng4r No, It’s just journalists BS agenda.

Born2Game83149d ago

Only has 78 on metacritic? Wow that's low for a PS4 exclusive title.

kneon149d ago

The problem is that not all reviews should be treated equally, some will be biased in either direction. The problem is that we all have our own biases so if you manually try to exclude any then you will always have some whiners.

I would use an automated system, for example I would ignore the top and bottom 5% of reviews. That way the blind fanboys and blind haters will mostly be excluded.

fenome149d ago


Is that you? Lol

Acadius149d ago

I’m not understanding as to why I got downvotes for asking a legitimate question.
I loved the game, personally.
I’m still wondering if the ‘review’ here will effect the current Metacritic score or any reviews beyond this point are ignored by this point.

No Way148d ago

Dumahim - you cant be serious. What a closed bubble you must live in... whats the point in reading reviews when they will all be what you want them to be?

Might as well just write (or form) your own and ignore everyone elses. Its essentially what you're already doing....

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obidanshinobi149d ago

But most cultures around the world still treat women like window dressing and objectify them, even mine in the UK to some extent.

I can't stand games journalists that expect developers to create an ideal world with no social problems, it's not realistic, were not there yet. Women are still objectified, treated as a prize etc in the modern world, are developers expected to ignore that and avoid it because it might upset some people? No, it's called realism and pretending it doesn't exist or that were past that is going to slow down actual real change.

OB1Biker149d ago

There's no 'objecified' women in the game though.

EverydayJoe149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I agree.. thinking back to my playthru I can't see how North or Kara was objectified. North is beautiful, but so is the actress that plays her. She also kicks ass, and is certainly not a meek sub-character. Kara is strong main character that goes above and beyond to protect that little girl even after *spoiler*

The strip club has both male and female android dancers. So I just dont get it. But then again I am not giving it a click either. Haha

Would be ironic if the reviewers own choices caused the objectifying of women. Look in the mirror buddy


This is why quantic dreams created a masterpiece. Is she woman or android. Thoughts verse actions. You will never be rid of prejudice, its a simple human component. You can only love if you find it. But that may open doors people are so eagerly to shut. Spirituality.

pasta_spice149d ago

All the reviewers who complain about the women being objectified must have missed the male strippers at the strip club. They were shaking their booties just as hard as the female strippers!

CrimsonWing69149d ago

well, that's one way too ruin any credibility you have as a critic!

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