Kingdom Hearts 3: Burning The Keyblade Oil?

Does Square Enix face a marketing issue with Kingdom Hearts 3?

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Platformgamer146d ago

if normies laughs at "roxas heart is inside my heart" or they don't know the lore because they never played aKH game, even with the collections avaiable at a good price, it's not square enix fault.
who loves KH is satisfied with what was showed at E3

-Foxtrot146d ago

Yeah I think they need to realise fans buying this are mostly going to be people who have played the series since the first game. It's for fans at the end of the day.

If they really want to tap into a new market they will have to finish Sora's story off and then reboot it in the future. By that I mean a complete reboot since they'll be too tempted to use plot points by the older games and if they are trying to bring it more fans for the new set of games you can't expect people to have played the others for story points to explain something in the new game otherwise you've created the same problem.

clockward100145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

No they dont need to reboot it people who are interested in this game needs to play the old games people who havent tryed it at this point had well over 10 years to get invested in the series

-Foxtrot145d ago

They kind of do let’s be honest the story has become a complicated mess and this is coming from someone who’s played almost all of them

Continue from this and you’ll just loose more people

clockward100145d ago

People had long anuff to get invested in the series

clockward100145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

And its actually time for them to expand the story its nothing worng for agame to have alittle lore games used to be that way not all simplistic and predictable lure is what get you invested the story

Snookies12145d ago

It's already been stated many times that after KH3 the story will go into a new direction. No need for a reboot, the series will change after this anyway.

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rivaldoo777145d ago

It still will have their audience. But not my type of game.