Resident Evil 2 remake interview: “You won’t ever feel completely safe”

Full-blown remakes of classic games that were on iffy hardware seem like they’ll become pretty common on the future – but Capcom is looking to set the bar high with Resident Evil 2.

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jeromeface273d ago

spoiler alert... You also won't ever feel completely resident evil 2.

GamesMaster1982272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Yeah cause it won’t be 6 megapixel graphics thank god. And I can say that. I grew with this series . But the old OG’s have aged bad. And look awful on a big tv . Hell even the NES games have aged better than most PS1 originals .

bigmalky272d ago

Lies. The old games are still fun to play... Where did you pull that rubbish from?

PeteyMcPickle272d ago

You're joking right? I'd still rather play re2/3 than 5/6

GamesMaster1982272d ago

@ bigmalky. Where in my comment did i say they were not fun games to play ?. Please tell me that bud. What i did say is that the look god damn awful on big TV'S . Yes they were and are classics, but the graphics have aged really bad. If i were to ever replay 1 again it would be the Remake so i dont strain my eyesight.

FallenAngel1984273d ago

Not even on the title screen?

InKnight7s272d ago

What about booting and loading screen? While downloading?

FallenAngel1984272d ago

Or when you’re buying the game?

gustave154272d ago

Buy online credit card details stolen.
Buy at the shop, get mugged on the way there.

FallenAngel1984272d ago

You won’t even be safe when contemplating on buying the game

KwietStorm272d ago

I need my save room music

TheCommentator272d ago

Yeah, because the game seems almost too good to be true! It looks like a perfect remake in every way, but I'm always going to have this fear that I'll see Las Plagas or something stupid that makes me face palm. I don't honestly think Capcom is going to mess this up, but their track record with the series haunts me just enough...

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The story is too old to be commented.