What Is StarField & Why Did Bethesda Even Announce It So Early?

Bethesda announced Starfield seemingly very early, and we're left wondering why announce it when it's still so far out?

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Niv180d ago

Cos next gen is 2019

Lennoxb63180d ago

Next starts late 2020, early 2021.

Palitera180d ago

Released it early to build hype from their conference. A completely shallow "reveal", as much as the 100% obvious "we're doing another ES". Which they don't even have a name for.

UnholyLight180d ago

Does everyone forget video games are still a Business and getting people hyped and teasing new projects is important. Same thing happens at Auto shows they reveal or tease designs that are 4 or 5 years away sometimes. Starfield is a new IP and they wantrd to do a full send mic drop at E3 and Bethesda accomplished that imo. Everyone at work was like "OH MY GAWD A NEW IP CALLED STARFIELD WAS JUST ANNOUNCED" So yeah I think Bethesda still accomplished sometbing in announcing it.

chris235180d ago

because of the hype train that needs to be filled

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