Video Game Pre-Order Editions Are Getting Out Of Hand

Kieron from WellPlayed discusses the excessive amount of pre-order editions available for consumers and how it's getting worse

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Prettygoodgamer96d ago

Getting ? .......that line was past a long time ago.

jznrpg96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Agreed , unless it’s a good game and the offer good stuff don’t bother with collectors. Two Worlds 2 has a collectors edition last gen and it was at best a 6/10(more like 4/10 to me) low budget game . Also I can’t stand when they make a collectors and then come out with a complete collectors edition making the original obsolete. Never should a collectors edition become obsolete, Persona5 did that and it really pisses me off lol . I am sure many other companies do that too. Don’t fkin come out with a collectors unless it has every damn part of the game with every item available for it physical or digital or it’s just a damn money scam. Start calling the first version of collectors money scam edition . I bought 2 copies of Persona 5 because I want to support them but give me the best collectors edition day one damn it . Ok I fee a little better:p

Crazyglues95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Exactly what I was thinking when I saw that title.... Getting, please it's been ridiculous... these days game-companies think they are doing you a favor when they offer you something as stupid as some red boots for your character in-game for pre-ordering... or silly gold guns... wow must have took them a whole two minutes to make this exclusive pre-order bonus... LoL

Hell these days even the beta has been turned into a money maker, so let me get this straight, pre-order so I can get the chance to play the beta version of the game, the broke version with stuff not working right -- Pre-order so I can help you fix the bugs, and that's suppose to be a perk...

And don't even get me started on these PS4 themes that look like it took less then 5 seconds to make, here you go, here is your pre-order bonus, a theme you will never use because we couldn't even take 5 minutes to make it an actual good theme. God forbid you actually made two or three in-case people didn't like the first choice... nah that's too much work for a pre-order bonus... LoL

I'm not even going to get started on the limited edition and gold edition and all that B.S... I always buy the reg- version because anything else is just a rip-off... These companies these days are seriously full of themselves..

Leeroyw96d ago

This is old news. But true. When developers are creating content that often feels part of the main game and then reserving it for those who can afford to make decisions ahead of review scores is anti consumer.