Hands On: "Kingdom Hearts III" Carries The Heavy Weight of Expectation

After some time with the two demos, it's difficult to say whether Kingdom Hearts III will be able to support the impossible weight of fan expectations.

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FallenAngel1984177d ago

“Despite the reworked command systems and all of the new bells and whistles, Kingdom Hearts III feels a lot like Kingdom Hearts II.”

KH2 has the best combat in the series. KH3 playing like that with added features from BBS & DDD can only be seen as a positive.

“In the end, it’s probably preferable that KH III feels like a continuation of what came before rather than an entirely new game.

A common critisism that people had with BBS & DDD were that their combat systems felt more floaty than the ones seen in KH1 & KH2. It’s preferable that KH3 tries to blend the best of every game’s best elements. We’ve already had games that dramatically shook up the gameplay before with Re: CoM & Re: coded. Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s better and for the ending of a story saga, familiar gameplay with new touches is the best approach.