For EA and loot boxes, "Fair is the number one thing"

Chief design officer Patrick Soderlund discusses EA's current thinking around monetization and its future ambitions for streaming.

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XiNatsuDragnel175d ago

How about no lootboxes EA. Crazy thought right?

XbladeTeddy175d ago

It is a crazy thought as it won't go well with shareholders. It's a business after all.

ilikestuff175d ago

Yea, sell the whole game for x amount of money used to be the business, gaming is becoming a mess, pay 60 bucks for 2/3 of a game and pay a lot more for the rest.

UltraNova175d ago

EA is without a doubt living in a vacuum.

MuddyWaters175d ago

If their games sell isn't that all what matters? It's the same concept many have here about blocking crossplay and cross progression, that's it's all about sales. So as long as the shareholders see growth then I guess EA can live in a vacuum as well.

TheSinsibleOne175d ago

It's great EA are being called out for their BS. But will Any of this hit R*? The prices online are insane.

Snookies12175d ago

You know EA, I'd respect you a little bit more if you just came out and said, "we just want all of the money we can suck out of your wallets." That would be nice... At least then I could say they were honest about their BS practices.

SickSinceSix175d ago

Fair is not putting loot boxes in full priced games.

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