The Surge 2 Interview: Deck13 Discuss How Open Their New World Is, Microtransactions, More

Deck13's Jan Klose talks all things The Surge 2, including the game's world, player choice, whether there will be microtransactions, XB1X/PS4 Pro support, and more.

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UCForce153d ago

“Will the game have microtransactions? Will you be selling gear for real money?

Nothing like that is planned. There are vendors in the game, but they’re for classic RPG buying and selling mechanics. You can’t buy things with real money.” Oh thank god. Now you have my support and the game look even better.

Jackhass153d ago

They don't want your money, just to kill you many, many times.

UCForce153d ago

I would be fine by that. Thank you very much.

TGG_overlord152d ago

I get bad vibes when ever I see or hear the word "microtransactions", but in this case, it doesn't seem to be all that bad.