PayPal closes account of Active Shooter publisher

Says its will not 'accept payments for activities that promote violence'.

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Skull52192d ago

I don’t support this game but this is only one step away from shutting down all shooters, long live freedom!

Cobra95192d ago

I despise PayPal and their self-serving draconian policies. This action is typical of the methods they use to hold others' money hostage (i.e., in PayPal's pockets).

Xb1ps492d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I mean... why make a game like this though?! There has to be a “this is just fucking stupid” line and this is far beyond that.. it’s a fucking school, the dumb asses that made this game lack that much imagination? I get the whole freedom thing but holly shit don’t abuse it with dumb shit like this then get all mad when others excersise their rights..

If they want to keep selling this stupid game then no one is stopping them from selling it out the trunk of there car.. no one is censoring them they are simply not supporting there ignorance.

ninsigma91d ago

"There has to be a “this is just fucking stupid” line"
As soon as you draw a line, the line will (without a doubt) just grow and grow until suddenly, very minor things are now crossing it. That's why you just let the market decide.

WitcheRivia92d ago

I'm surprised that people still use PayPal. I wonder if those same people also use Myspace.

InKnight7s92d ago

Blame websites that still ask for paypal only. I used it once, felt odd, old and weird but I had to, because sites still don't have way to pay through Visa, prepaid Visa, MC etc.

2pacalypsenow92d ago

I still use it when buying from newegg and EBay.

rainslacker92d ago

On ebay, it's about the only thing that people use, and having a third party credit card account is rather costly for most sellers. If Ebay went with a different way to processed it's own payments(which is the reason they brought Paypal anyways), then Paypal would probably drop off the face of the earth.

Paypal and Ebay were recently forced to split into different companies, but I don't see Ebay changing anything. There really isn't a good alternative to Paypal....or at least it becomes annoying to have all your customers using a whole bunch of different services.

Paypal has it's flaws, and I think they were the biggest reason I had my identity stolen 15 years ago when they were worse than they are now, but they have plenty of benefits. My history with them made me more cautious about how I linked my accounts to them, and I had a completely separate account for getting funds out of it, and made sure my bank wouldn't allow any Paypal drafts from that account.

Neonridr92d ago

really? I use paypal quite a bit still. Super convenient when you have to update your payment method at one place instead of at 50 different places :P

PurpHerbison92d ago

PayPal on PlayAsia all day.

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kevnb92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

How the hell does a video game promote violence? It’s a god damn game. It might be a crappy game and made in poor taste, but it’s still a video game.

Smokehouse92d ago

That’s even more pathetic than the game.

ninsigma92d ago

Then shut down the accounts of every video game and movie publisher because they all push games with violance. This is so stupid.

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