Nier Automata's surprise Xbox One port tested

A welcome announcement at Microsoft's E3 2018 media briefing, Nier Automata is receiving a long-overdue port onto Xbox One.

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OpenGL153d ago

I expect 720p on base Xbox One.

OpenGL153d ago

How does that make a hater? One X runs it at 1/2 of 4K and it was 900p on regular PS4. Unless they seriously optimized it or reduced visual quality it stands to reason that the regular Xbox One version will be less than 900p.

AgeInTheCage153d ago

Phil says games play best on xboxone. He never made it clear if it was x or s, all he said is all games play best on xboxone.

Darkwatchman152d ago

Don’t mind the haters. They can’t accept that the base Xbox One already has 720p games like Battlefield 4, Hardline, and Mirror’s Edge. And routinely pulls in a lower resolution than the base PS4 for more demanding games. If it’s already ONLY 900p on standard PS4 and ONLY 1080p on PS4 pro, no way it’s hitting 900p on base Xbox One. Considering how poorly optimized this game is, 720p is a hopeful outcome for the base Xbox One.

gamer7804152d ago

if anyone cares at all about resolution they should get an xbox one x then, if not just enjoy a great game at a lesser resolution, the choice is up to the player what they want to play it on.

Homunculus148d ago

lol why so many downvotes? Its a fact, its 900p on PS4, 720p will the minimum for normal XOne

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mrmikew2018153d ago

So it’s basically the same game......but really do hope the Xbox fans pick this game up, it’s really good.

jagermaster619153d ago

Yeah it's basically the same but better! I have it pre-ordered and ready to go on my x.

mrmikew2018152d ago

I hope what you’re saying is true, it’s really a good game.

152d ago
jagermaster619152d ago

What I'm saying is 100% true. I've wanted it ever since it was announced for the PS4. As soon as the pre-order when live for Xbox I purchased it.

Sm00thNinja153d ago

Basically the same game but... One is rendered at 4k and the other locked at 1080p. Not really the same game

DaGreatOne153d ago

Is that your stance on all games prior to the mid gen systems as well?

Sm00thNinja153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Yes? If one is clearly superior? Tomb raider was better on Pro than Xbox One when the definitive edition hit which is why I REBOUGHT IT. But then the Xbox One version. Got the X enhancement so they're even Stevens again

To say otherwise is ridiculous. I platinumed Nier on PS4 I'll definitely playthrough the X version

Someday if it ever releases in physical format. Not on board with digital yet

kevnb152d ago

having a higher render resolution doesnt make it a different game...

Sm00thNinja152d ago

No one said different in that sense are you dense? Those early PS4 v Xbox comparisons where the PS4 rendered games at 1080p and the Xbox One was stuck at 720p we're huge differences. The difference between 1080p and 2160p or checkerboard 4k is massive.

I could never go back to my standard PS4 after playing on my Pro. Or I wouldn't want to if I didn't have to experience it in standard high definition.

I know it's hard to say that the Xbox version is superior but .... 4k vs 1080p. Big difference. Although the PS4 has a physical edition package so that wins in my book

DarXyde152d ago

You're arguing that resolution will make a game "not the same"?

Last I checked, The Last of Us on PS3 and PS4 are the same. So is Gravity Rush on Vita and PS4. And Rise of the Tomb Raider on any platform.

Sm00thNinja152d ago

@DarXyde then your stance is simply a matter of opinion last you checked.

I bought The Last of Us on PS4 and PS3. Why? One was 60fps and one was 30. Sure the game itself has the same content but if my experience is different...

If the initial argument was whether I should purchase the game again on Xbox One because the content is the same then YES THE GAME IS UNCHANGED from the PS4 version, but to be able to play that in 4k vs 1080p? I'd pay money to experience that game again. Nier Automata was my GOTY last year from the soundtrack to the story.

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rainslacker152d ago

Being the same game is certainly a good reason to play it. Resolution or performance aside, it's an awesome game.

cliveo32153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

DF just tested this said its only 1920 by 2160 half native 4k with maybe chequerboard upscale good game what ever you play it on tbh

152d ago
himdeel153d ago

Xbox people better support. Can't complain about not getting games if you're not supporting what you get

ZwVw153d ago

Xboxers shouldn't complain that they're getting a game a year overdue and lacking a physical release?

manabyte77153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

No they should be thankful they’re getting a Japanese game that will likely see only a mild return at best at all. Xbox fans don’t like to hear the truth, but they don’t support games unless they’re highly Westernized. Sunset Overdrive’s sales we’re a travesty, and that game was both western and fantastic.

j15reed152d ago

Well by the estimates it only sold 1.5 mil on PS4 so it shouldn't have to sell much to cover the port on Xbox.

mark_parch152d ago

I will 100% be picking this up but after I've finished with crash bandicoot and state of decay 2

b3l0kk153d ago

No Physical release :(

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