May 2018 NPD: PlayStation 4 outsells Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The PlayStation 4 was the top-selling console hardware platform in May in the United States, according to industry-tracking firm The NPD Group.

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Cheesetoenails152d ago

Wow, everyones numbers were really good for May.

UltraNova152d ago

Indeed! Its great for the industry. PS on the Iron Throne aa always. Glad to see SoD doing ok. GoW is still at it of course. Detroid is doing exceptionally well for a "niche" game.

But damn GTAV is still in the top ten, what kind of black magic is this?

lxeasy152d ago

@ultranova "Glad to see SoD doing ok" lol you know they were the highest selling game right lol they sold twice as much as the first game. Congrats to all console makers on having their best every May

SarkyPlays152d ago

I didn’t enjoy Detroit as much as past quantic dreams games but good to see it grab the third spot here. Huge congrats to undead labs for state of decay 2’s success, I can see why MS got them now. GTA V has more legs than any other game in history!

Gamist2dot0152d ago

Every junior high kid wants to be gangsta and they're recruiting lol.

UCForce152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

@Ixeasy You know this is about hardware sales right ?

JaguarEvolved152d ago

And the domination continues. Well PlayStation has been the only console actually releasing compelling exclusive games so it's no surprise it continues to destroy the other consoles.

PlayStation is the future And the future is PlayStation

darthv72152d ago

X is slowly climbing the charts.

GaaS is the future and the future is GaaS X

ConsoleGamer152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

"GaaS is the future and the future is GaaS"

stop, that is disgusting. Too much gaas stinks. I can handle gaas every once in a while but but being constantly exposed to gaas makes me sick and mad.

Kratos_Kart2007152d ago

I asked the same thing about GTA... What in actual F??

darthv72152d ago

@console... that's why you need GaaS X ;-)

UCForce151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

@darthv72 But Gaas will never be a perfect future.

SuperSonic91151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

As I predicted the PS4 has ascended to super PS2 status and Switch starts the descent to Wii U status due to Nintendos in ability to make true next gen exclusives.

Xbone flatlines as usual.

PS4 domination is good for the industry.

Nintendo domination death of third party developers

Xbox domination death of Japanese gaming industry.

Nintendo will never ever be on top ever again after the NES and SNES.

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ABizzel1152d ago

They're not posted yet, but based on their previous best:

PS4 > 205k
Switch > 170k
XBO > 140k

TheArkatek152d ago

Why do they keep posting these articles ???? Does it really matter ?? NO. The only thing that matters are the games thats it. I have all the system. I just want good games. Sony outselling other systems really doesnt benefit anyof us unless we are getting part of tje damn check

OB1Biker152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

It's just the monthly NPD
Once a month. A little bit (yea no, a million times more relevant) more relevant than 100s who won E3 BS
At least it real news. Not fake opinion pieces

generic-user-name152d ago

Sony selling more consoles means more market share and more money which means more games and more investment back into game development.

If this information upsets you then simply ignore it, meanwhile those of us who are interested in such things can enjoy them.

Muzikguy152d ago

Those are lies. Sales do matter and for obvious reasons.

Hardiman152d ago

I'd say articles like this that have actual facts are much more relevant than all the damn articles about who won E3! Again facts as in real!

PepsivsCoke152d ago

The system with the highest sales typically gets the best support with games. Therefore you should benefit from more games and a larger variety of games. Hence Sony having so many exclusives and not just shooter bro games.

KillBill152d ago

@generic-user-name - "Sony selling more consoles means more market share..." True that as does Play Anywhere titles ensure more market share for Microsoft.

MorpheusX152d ago


" Why do they keep posting these articles ???? "

You really haven't figured that out yet? How long you been coming to

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Muzikguy152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

I must be missing something. I can’t see any numbers

MorpheusX152d ago (Edited 152d ago )


If , you believe the numbers.

I believe PS4 is destroying the competition, yes I believe that, Sony has not been shy about releasing "sold through" numbers.

The Media has consistently Lied for Microsoft, inflated their numbers, EA says 29.5mill, recently some Analyst firm says Xbox has sold 39.5mill.


So honestly I don't trust the numbers reported from Media (types)when it comes to MS .

I don't think MS has sold even 29.5mill this Gen, & definitely not 😂39.5mill, that's a joke.

151d ago
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XiNatsuDragnel152d ago

Great numbers = great for industry

SuperSaiyanGod41152d ago

Sony's like while the whole media tries to drown us and make it look like our exclusives we showed off we're average to trailers from our competitors and cry about not being able to use their account tied to our console on the competitor's platform. We gonna be right here alone at the top selling the most consoles monthly handing out L's to all the haters saying Sony don't want to mess with fortnite the hugest game in the industry lol. Bruh unless u forgot Sony is the top dog in console sales. Hold my beer hoe lol.

CP_Company151d ago

m$ propaganda is working. they have a lot of money to do that, it is a pity, that there are plenty of people who jumps in this wrong propaganda ship. they are doing more harm then good to both sides.

Krangs_Uncle152d ago

Everyone doing decent numbers.

PS4 still achieving absolutely domination - and rightly so.

zivtheawesome152d ago

it's more than decent, each console have broken their own previous records for best May

SarkyPlays152d ago

Isn’t this already posted? I swear I’ve seen the venturebeat article on the front page

Razzer152d ago

That was software sales.

SarkyPlays152d ago

There was a whole section on hardware and accessories with the exact same info here?

zivtheawesome152d ago

yea i posted the original one. i guess moderators decided to split them apart?

P_Bomb152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

One focused on software, this one talks about hardware. Actually talks about it. Who was #1, SKU basis, forecast. The other just had a bullet point about combined sales of $186million.

UCForce152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

The thing is that Venturebeat separate it on each article.

OB1Biker152d ago

It's the same article but different news. It's always this way every month I believe.

russo121152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

No, the thing being reposted is xplay, but I hope it doesn't upset you.

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SarkyPlays152d ago

Glad to see gaming as a whole doing well!