Does Microsoft Need to Move on from the Xbox One

Even though Microsoft had a stellar E3 conference which was widely regarded as the best of the show, there still isn’t much of a buzz about the Xbox One.

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UltraNova181d ago

No they need to stop over promising and start delivering if they care as much as they claim.

DarkVoyager181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

They’re trying? Xbox E3 2018 showed promise. However I don’t think they’ll fully recover until next gen starts and they move away from Xbox One.

trooper_181d ago

How are they trying when you keep being force fed Gears, Halo and Forza every year?

What part of trying were they doing for new IPs?

I don't think they should drop the XB1 but they have a lot of work to do.

LabRat181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

@ Trooper- the only one that releases yearly is forza. Itll be 4 years since halo 5 and a few since gears most likely by the time the new ones come out

Gunstar75180d ago

Some of us want more Halo and gears

darthv72180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Sorry Trooper, I know what you are trying to say but lets be honest. There has not been a Halo every year or a Gears every year but there has been a Forza evey even year and a Horizon every odd year since the Horizon series started.

You are being figurative but trying to be literal and it just doesnt work. That would be like me saying we have been getting nothing but GT and God of War from Sony since the beginning. Last gen alone there were 8 God of War games released across two platforms. The PS3 wasn't even out a total 8 years before the PS4 came out.

trooper_180d ago

Okay, so Halo and Gears wasn't every year but my original point still stands.

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NeoGamer232180d ago

I am not trying to defend MS, because they definitely screwed up until Phil took over. But, it also takes time to turn the ship. This past year we started to see the changes. Halo Wars 2 last year, Sea of Thieves, Cuphead, PUBG, etc. Not necessarily 5 star games, but games that are giving xbox one a more gamer slant and are adding unique gaming diversity to this console.

Going forward, with the new studio acquisitions, I think they will be much more competitive as long as they stick to the program and it looks like they are sticking to the program.

yeahright2180d ago

Time to turn the ship... Phil's been in charge for what? 4 years now?

gangsta_red180d ago (Edited 180d ago )


And in those 4 years we have received a more powerful mid gen console, digital refunds, digital gifting, crossplay with other consoles, a better slim version of the Xbox, Game Pass, BC with 360 and OG Xbox that automatically upscales to 4k(?) And now 5 new studios.

Not bad for man on the job for 4 years.

itsmebryan180d ago

They bought 5 new studios and will have new ips because of that alone.

yeahright2180d ago

Next gen they will, the topic at hand is the xbox one, this gen.
EXbox made many strides towards having a better next gen, but this gen is same old same old.

trooper_180d ago

@ Gunstar: And most people also want new franchises.

rainslacker180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

This gen is a bust for MS. But that's their own problem. Don't leave what customers they do have out in the lurch because of their missteps and lack of trying. MS is going through some growing pains, and hopefully they'll get better, but it shouldn't be the OGX1/S users that have to be put out in the cold due to those mistakes. This gen still has life in it, and as it stands, nothing suggests that MS, or 3rd party devs would do anything worthwhile with the X1X power if they didn't have to stick to legacy support anyhow.

They could if they really want to piss off what fan base they have left. I know there is a lot of talk about the X1X in the hardcore community, but the hardcore community doesn't make up the bulk of the market. You exclude legacy support, you're suddenly going to have a lot of people looking for a new console. $500, or maybe $400 with a price drop may not be that appealing in the face of a $300-350 PS4P, or base PS4 for that matter which is even cheaper, better supported, and has no signs of Sony backing off said legacy support.

IMO, MS decided to release the X1 for this generation, they should support it for this generation. If they want to drop that support after the release of their next console, then so be it. I expect they will if history is anything to go by. It didn't take them long to drop the 360....or the OGXbox although I can understand why they did that.

As it stands, MS hasn't even delivered on all it's launch day promises. At least the one about how they'd have all these greatest games in Xbox history, or more power through cloud compute. While I'm willing to let some things slide from any company if they can't deliver on it, they used cloud compute as a major selling point early on. But they still haven't delivered on CD3, or Minecraft Halolens. In the mean time, MS hasn't even delivered on it's promises of VR for the X1X. But I guess it's not ready despite the competition having a more than acceptable solution, and copious support....on a much weaker system to boot.

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PhoenixUp181d ago

Microsoft would be foolish to just let Xbox One die off.

UltraNova181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Can you point out some facts as to the contrary? I mean did they commit to support the xb1 to the end with 1st party games? All I've seen them do is talk about the far future and the new xbox consoles (yes plural) not the xb1.

aconnellan181d ago

“All I've seen them do is talk about the far future and the new xbox consoles (yes plural) not the xb1”

Is that including the games they showed at E3 that will be releasing on the Xbox One?

Microsoft has also previously stated that their consoles, starting with the Xbox One, will be ‘forward and backward compatible’, meaning they’ll be more upgraded versions within the existing family as opposed to clear cut generations.

That says to me that whatever games get released on new the Xbox will also be released on the Xbox One.

Even if you don’t buy into that, remember how many years into this gen that the 360 and PS3 received games? It was a long time. So with all that said, there’s no reason to think that them talking about future consoles discounts their efforts to support the Xbox One

UltraNova180d ago (Edited 180d ago )


Say all that^^^ are good and dandy, what exactly did they do for the xb1 owners in the here and now or this year, or even the next? Again, are all those future promises their way of redeeming themselves for the past 4,5 years of almost no support?

ShottyatLaw180d ago

Please exaggerate more...

Of the 1 1/2 hour presentation, about 3 minutes were spent talking about the new studios, and approximately 13 seconds were spent talking about R&D on new hardware.

Horizon 4 is 2018. Hopefully Ashen and Below make their 2018 release dates, but otherwise MS is staying clear of the 3rd party heavy Fall much like Sony.

2019 was shown to be: Crackdown, Ori, Battletoads, and Gears. Add in the likely FM8, and that's their probable 2019 output.

Of course we want more, but they're supporting their base while clearly preparing to up their output for next "gen." They showed a commitment to making sure Japanese 3rd party games appear on their system too, and clearly all of the big 3rd party titles will also be there.

What more could they realistically do?

PhantomS42181d ago

Well, the new system is well on its way so they are headed that way but no doubt they will still support the Xbox One well after the Next Box releases. Halo Infinite and there new studios they just bought up will be focused for Next Gen.

rainslacker180d ago

Well after? MS hasn't supported any of their consoles for more than a year after the last one launched. The OGXbox was understandable due to the thing with NVidia, but they dropped the 360 pretty damn quick.

MS isn't in a habit of supporting it's older stuff for that long. They'll issue updates for things like Windows, but actual support in terms of new software abilities are rare.

What part of MS history actually supports the notion that they'll remain committed to the X1 after the next gen releases? Just some talk about forward compatibility? That's all fine and good, but legacy support can only go so far when game design advances. The OGX1 went into this gen just barely capable for the games this gen, its not going to handle what's coming, because there are some actual advances to game design in the works that would be bogged down on the base systems of this gen.

lociefer181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Then what ? Move on to the next system without exclusives and repeat xbox one again ?

I think by now they know people got tired of the " new year new halo/gears", and they would rather wait untill ninja theory and their new studios deliver some new ips worthy of the name only on xbox, THEN they will move on to next gen. Otherwise it's just a new system for 3rd party

gamer7804181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

this is a dumb article, if all three, Nintendo Sony and Microsoft are not working on their next console right now, they are in big trouble... of course each company should be moving on to what's next...

games are written to be scalable, I don't see why most games can't continue to be written for the original xbox and ps4, just scale down the resolution, texture etc, like on pc.

Kokyu180d ago

He is pointing more to the fact the XboneX is only 8 months old carries a pretty big price tag and had very few games that actually compelled you to need to purchase and xbonex. These systems even the xbonex, are reaching the point where the hardware is going to be a limit so its time to move forward the xbonex puts MS in a difficult position. They could risk upsetting people who just purchased an xbonex if they release to soon. Phil's statement, Il say that rather than announcement, was to calm the speculation that MS is getting out of hardware aftet this gen and going all digital cloud stream. That statement is kind of ironic because they have been trying since the start of this gen to shift people that direction even with their PC products.

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