PC gamers uncover dozens of games on Steam that make use of the alleged 'spyware' Red Shell

Over 50 games on Steam are using the alleged "spyware" Red Shell. Do you object to the use of software like Red Shell, or do you believe it has a place in video games?

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GrimDragon95d ago

I guess that’s how they know what games to recommend you. Wonder if Microsoft and Sony use similar spyware to recommend games to you based on your purchases.

Sam Fisher95d ago

That's the new thing now, everybody listening on to you so they can make profit

BlacKJesu595d ago

Thats good customer service...

Codewow95d ago

It’s not spyware it’s just machine learning and algorithms. It compares games you own to games of similar styles, genres, etc.

I think it’s funny people get so worked up about this stuff. Even buying things from local super markets with a credit or debit card enable them to send you personalized emails. It happens in nearly every industry.

GrimDragon95d ago

its a little creepy though. definitely don't like them wanting all my personal info at the store either. I know they sell your email to third parties without telling you.

xX1NORM1Xx95d ago

I think you will find that what valve sells isn't its responsibility its not like steam is a store front or anything............ /s