Devil May Cry 5 development is 75% finished, more info later this summer

Some juicy new information about Devil May Cry 5 has been revealed in the latest Famitsu issue.

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UCForce147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

It’s getting there.

naruga147d ago

i say CORRECT THE DAMN FACES!! they look like DmC bastard breeds

Snookies12147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Nothing wrong with the faces whatsoever. They're not changing, so get used to it.

BlaqMagiq1147d ago

I hope they don't so you can keep crying about something that's not an issue.

Michiel1989147d ago

While I dont like his face there is nothing wrong with it. New game, new vision, new Dante. Last DMC they also cried about his appearance, I actually loved the little bash from the devs at the start about his appearance (with the white wig), because so many entitled assholes were whining about it.

blackblades147d ago

There's nothing wrong with there faces, you got issues man.

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Ceaser9857361146d ago

75% finished and they said they gonna Release it before March 2019. I hope they Don't rush..

PhoenixUp147d ago

Good on them for unveiling the game so close to release

jeremyj2913147d ago

Tho it has been the worst kept secret this gen. The rumors had me so anxious year after year and event after event. Lol

Michiel1989147d ago

It was pretty obvious there was gonna be a new DMC in some shape or form eventually. I actually didnt hear any rumors about it so it was a nice surpise to me.

The only thing that bothered me a bit was that female sidekick that he had. I hope they dont try to copy Bayonetta + Luca with it. If not im totally fine with it

jeremyj2913147d ago

Most people that don't really look for it wouldn't kno about it. There were lots of hints and leaks before the big one that dropped last year before PSX. There was the Twitter pic of Johnny and Reuben that got deleted and Dan Southworth spilling the beans during a panel at some convention.

Relientk77147d ago

Cool, can't wait to see the gameplay. One of my favorite announcements from E3

UCForce147d ago

It will be playable at Gamescom 2018.

Blu3_Berry147d ago

Good to hear development is going well for them. Very much looking forward to it as it seems they know what they are doing. Wish I could say the same for other certain companies.....(looks at Square Enix)

Pancit_Canton147d ago

Maybe the other 25% are DLC's....*Zing*

Michiel1989147d ago

At least coming from Capcom ull know its on your disc already, so no need for big download sizes ;)

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