E3 2018: The Soul Still Burns as Soulcalibur VI Returns to its Roots | Hardcore Gamer

Soulcalibur VI retells the classic tale with heavy focus on Kilik as it attempts to combine some of the best elements of previous Soulcalibur titles.

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PhoenixUp154d ago

I never thought Kilik would get a starring role in this franchise. I always thought of him as that character scrubs used because of his pole’s long reach

CrimsonWing69154d ago

It’s nice to see an article actually praise the game than go on some SJW rant about Ivy. Hats off to you!

FallenAngel1984153d ago

Soul Calibur VI is a stark contrast to Soul Calibur V, so much so that it stands as its antithesis.

Both stand as attempts at revitalizing the series, but whereas SCV was about deviating from the source to evolve the franchise by introducing a new generation of fighters, advancing the story forward significantly, and creating new ideas to progress the series in a different direction, SCVI is about returning to the core of Soulcalibur by taking a back-to-basics approach by exploring the established lore in more detail, bringing back the old guard, and revamping old ideas to make them new.

What makes them directly contrast each other is that SCV was more notable for what it changed, while SCVI is more notable for what it's bringing back.