No Controllable Flying Cars in Cyberpunk 2077, Says CDPR, But They'll Be Used in Missions

Cyberpunk 2077 won't have player controllable flying cars, the developers have confirmed, but they'll be featured in story missions.

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Jackhass90d ago

Oh well, the regular cars are cool enough.

Cybermario90d ago

there goes my dreams and hopes, oh well xD

Crazyglues90d ago

Can still fly in the deluxo in GTA V.... LoL

Relientk7790d ago

No controllable flying cars makes me a sad panda 🐼

robtion90d ago

Perhaps the flying cars are all automated to minimise risk, avoid human error, or reckless driving?

Antifan90d ago

From my understanding of the lore, flying vehicles aren't available to the average joe. It's something only rich corporates have. The equivalent of luxury jets and yachts today.

-Foxtrot90d ago

I was hoping the cars, or some would be like Blade Runner where they'd be able to take off. The world they've shown us seems to be that futuristic technology wise so I just assumed we'd be able to fly somehow.

Goldby90d ago

Give it time and a mod will be released that allows it

rynodigital90d ago

Damn, a Cyberpunk version of Geralt or Ciri would be pretty tight.

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The story is too old to be commented.