Remedy Addresses Control’s Similarities With Quantum Break, Won’t Have Live Action Storytelling

Remedy discusses all the ways Control will differ from Quantum Break.

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TheOptimist91d ago

Thankfully.... QB was a half decent game, but those live action sections were complete snoozefests which tried extremely hard to be a compelling sci-fi....

darthv7291d ago

QB was an okay game but now I am hearing how this could be a GaaS game.

RainbowBrite91d ago

You gotta admit that "Gaas Control" it's a great name for the game

-Foxtrot91d ago

The reason why it seemed the gameplay and story were boring in QB was because it’s like they wasted time on the live action stuff

TheOptimist91d ago

Yeah.... I agree. They pretty much half arsed time powers.... With the AAA budget they had, they should have innovated gameplay beyond contextual button prompts and time shield, time dodge etc.... The mechanics were pretty barebones

Septic91d ago

The live action bits could have been effective if they were good but they were poorly handled. That in itself was a risk but it could have paid off if they were risky with the narrative.

Also, the protagonist was so plain and boring.

The gameplay was also a big problem. So overly linear with some terrible 'puzzle sections. Gunplay could have been so much more.

Control's gameplay looks great; almost like a spiritual successor to Psi Ops which was a great title

FITgamer91d ago

I don't care how good the acting is, live action sequences in video games ruins the immersion for me personally.

Gamist2dot091d ago

It completely breaks the immersion for me and gives a cheap/lazy attempt in game design.

gangsta_red91d ago

Command and Conquer, Wing Commander and Night Trap were awesome!

Games need more FMV, old school CD-ROM style!

TFJWM91d ago

Phantasmagoria and Gabriel Knight were great as well

Smokehouse91d ago

Psi ops was freaking great. The telekinesis in control looked awesome, smooth and it had power behind it.

Cajun Chicken91d ago

Loved Quantum Break. I'm glad Remedy are dropping the TV show element of their games, It may had worked for Alan Wake, but cutscenes were hard to sit through in QB. Brilliant game though.

starchild91d ago

I played the PC version of Quantum Break and had no issues. I really enjoyed the game. I thought the narrative was very cool and the time powers allowed for a lot of different strategies. The interspersed tv shows was an interesting experiment and I really didn't mind them. I guess Remedy's games just really suit my tastes. I also loved Alan Wake.

Cajun Chicken90d ago

The cutscenes really worked for using the same actors as in the gameplay and made the game seem more 'real', but nothing that the game could had told in conventional cutscenes. I played it on Xbox One and during the cutscenes wondered how much space they were taking up on my HDD.

Smokehouse91d ago

*applause* quantum break was actually pretty great minus the live action stuff. It was different and I give them credit for trying but it didn’t work.

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The story is too old to be commented.