A PlayStation VR 2 Wish List

With speculation about the PlayStation 5 already running wild, Rebecca Hills-Duty ponders what a new PlayStation VR might be like.

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Apocalypse Shadow90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Higher resolution-obvious
Sony knows that being able to see clearly would be the next thing. It's why they went with a better screen type than the pc hmds but still considered cost. They know. It would be like trying to release a 720 tv today. It will get better.

New controller-obvious

Sony has patented many controllers. Even this design could have worked
Just make the backside able to put your fingers through to hold them better.

Or they could copy playhouse entertainment and create adapters to hold the navigation controllers like this

Motion tracking-obvious

Sony could create second camera support for 360 degrees. Room scale is cool. But most gamers play 180 degrees and like to sit for some experiences. Oculus just found out recently about that. Nothing wrong with having both options then decide for yourself though
Sony knew right off the bat. Sit or stand. DS4 or move.those smart guys.

Wireless-maybe. At least the option to plug or go wireless. I could go without heavy cables that I sometime put on my shoulder.

Also as an option,something like cyber shoes that these guys created. There's potential there.

DigitalRaptor89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

I'm surprised the article didn't talk about Foveated Rendering.

By 2020, PS5 is expected to be released and I'm sure PSVR 2.0 will be released not too long after.

Phoenix7689d ago

I'm sure I saw an article not too long ago here on n4g that said that Sony had filed a patent with a local manufacturer of lcd/oed screens. Remember something about the ppi (pixels per inch) was double that of current one used in the psvr headset. Will try to look it when get up for ya all

uth1189d ago

VR seems to be moving towards inside-out tracking and cameras might not even be necessary next gen

Apocalypse Shadow89d ago

Yeah. I think you're right. Sony is one of the leading sensor companies. Maybe they'll use them for inside out tracking like you said. I don't expect lights to be used next Gen. But they could improve gamer immersion this Gen until then.

I expect something light like oculus go, 4k screen split in 2 or 4k screens for each eye, inside out tracking, 6dof wireless controllers and wireless stream to hmd with battery life about 4hours.

KickSpinFilter89d ago

One wire or Wireless
Better price
Higher reslution
Better controller

leeeroythe3rd89d ago

Yep let’s start talking about that new car for the system that hasn’t been will be awesome!

_LarZen_89d ago

Inside out tracking and would be happy. No more camera and horrible tracking of the world and controllers.

Knushwood Butt89d ago

Not sure if the same thing but I sometimes get vertical slide in GT Sport so have to reset my position from time to time. If not, I have to sit up to be able to peer over the steering wheel.

uth1189d ago

i wonder Sony will respond to Oculus Santa Cruz, which is a high-end standalone device.

i think standalone VR has a better chance or going mainstream than tethered headsets

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