Why Is Nintendo's Switch So Successful? It's All About The Marketing

The Wii was Nintendo's best-selling home console of all time, so of course its successor launched with impossibly high expectations. And yes, the Wii U was an abject failure, despite having a number of excellent first-party Nintendo games. Don't worry, this isn't some long overdue post-mortem of the Wii U. Rather, it's a look at why the Switch is so insanely successful by comparison. Could it all come down to marketing?

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DwightSchrute01150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Highest rates games this gen. Combining handheld and home console gaming creating a hybrid.

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TallonIV149d ago

They've been successful in triggering fanboys like you lol

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Tazzy149d ago

Get with the times Sonic Nintendo is putting out hit after hit they're getting more third party games and the Switch is selling very well when is the last time SEGA ever hit close to 20 million consoles sold in 1 year when they made consoles??

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Venox2008149d ago

great my Switch..sure, its not powerful as its big friends..but it has/plays good games I am fan of good indie games..and new titles coming out each week..and library is getting bigger and I love Ninty exclusives.. long live Switch!

rivaldoo777149d ago

It was my best secondary console last year but now its busy collecting dust. When is SMT5 and core Pokemon gaming coming Jesus. This year line up is so piss poor that I might consider getting let's go pikachu

Prince_TFK149d ago

Well Octopath Traveller is coming out in a few weeks and Smash, MH, as well as Pokemon are also coming this year. Plus, Nintendo said they are not done announcing new Switch (and 3DS) games just yet so you can bet that another Direct will be coming soon, maybe as soon as next month.

wonderfulmonkeyman149d ago

Finally, someone else out there gets it.
Marketing is probably the biggest reason why the Wii U failed, and it's now one of the biggest reasons why the Switch is succeeding.
That and the fact that the lineup for the Switch is HUGE, despite its age, compared to previous Nintendo consoles, and there are many more third parties and indies interested in making games for it.

Square-Enix even made their own Switch-specific team for making unique games for it.
That's the kind of third party support that the Switch needs and deserves. The other two get that kind of support far more often and it helps them more often than not, so there's no reason why it won't help Switch, going forward.

AgeInTheCage149d ago

Its been said a million times on here, being HANDHELD is the main selling point. if switch were a dedicated home console it would be selling just as bad as wii u did.