Year on Year Sales & Market Share Charts - June 2, 2018


Xbox One – Up Year-on-Year 241,226 (13.6%)

Nintendo Switch - Up Year-on-Year 770,971 (21.0%)
Nintendo 3DS – Down Year-on-Year 540,003 (-28.7%)

PlayStation 4 – Down Year-on-Year 488,761 (-7.4%)
PlayStation Vita – Down Year-on-Year 308,147 (-70.4%

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174d ago Replies(1)
baril174d ago

What about their Indirect or direct competitor?

jaycptza174d ago

how would you quantify gaming PC sales? It's impossible as people by GPUs for crypto-mining and hardly anyone buys a pre configured gaming PC.

Eonjay173d ago

Thats a real hard one to figure out.

Elda173d ago

PS4 still reigns supreme!!

pinkystinkinc173d ago

nintendo kill the ds and allow the switch to gain access to a larger library without having to compete against itself

TheRacingX173d ago

While yes the PS4 will not be caught this generation, The Xbox 1 , by the end of 2018, will have sold in the 40 mil range cannot be considered a failure by Microsoft. When they finally cease the X1, it will probably end in the 60 mil range. Considering the catastrophe that was its reveal and the backpeddling MS did to rectify it. By releasing the X1X, MS position themselves to not have to be the first out of the gate with a new system as the X1X clearly has power to hang in the introduction of a new generation, wait for SONY to finalize specs and then top it. They clearly have IP's in house to bring exclusives, they just need someone to make them, which by acquiring 5 studios, they did. Considering the Microsoft console history, OGX 24mil, X360 77+mil (many are repurchases and Im sure MS knows this), X1 projected possible may not be green meadows and bunnies in Redmond but it certainly isnt the zombie apocalyse will be interesting to watch the chess match play out and see who flinches first.