February 22nd 2019 Is Going To Be A Killer Day For Games

What are you going to pick up on one of the biggest days in gaming next year?

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GamesMaster1982148d ago

Ha yeah and i wonder how many of these actually make the release date.

ilikestuff147d ago

I was thinking the same thing, it’s all water under the fridge.

Palitera147d ago

"Crackdown" haha

But seriously... I would only bet on Metro and Days Gone actually releasing on the current schedule.

Anthem's marketing/hype is probably very far from what they need and Crackdown, well... If the idea is an actual good game, there are some delays ahead...

Godchild1020146d ago

I think Days Gone will release a week early.

MuddyWaters146d ago

Phil Spencer wasn't very happy after he heard all those other games coming out the same time. Crackdown 3 will be the first to blink and change its date.

Genuine-User147d ago

Most games will likely move from 22/02/19.

Days Gone was the first announcement with this date, it's only fair to buy it before everything else, lol.

Ceaser9857361147d ago

Buying Days Gone Day one.. Anthem , I will need to see more gameplay.. I found the game play dull from what I saw this E3..

edeprez147d ago

I agree, Anthem wasn't shown off very well. Its probably better than it looks, but GaaS isn't really my thing. I will be getting Days Gone too, as long as it's pretty good.

doggo84146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

I am getting day's gone day one as well. Looks amazing. Metro too. Anthem and crackdown on the other hand look shit in my opinion, wont touch those things with a ten foot pole.

Aceman18147d ago

I'll be buying Days Gone first, then Anthem if any of my friends buy it so we can play coop. Never was big into Metro, and CD3 I don't even care about anymore.

medman146d ago


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Oh man, these people got jokes.

getbacktogaming146d ago (Edited 146d ago )'s the game that cracks us up like no other!

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Neonridr148d ago

I don't know if I will pick up any of these games at launch tbh.

SegaGamer148d ago

Same with me. I'm not that interested in any of them.

OB1Biker147d ago

Never mind, I do know :)

Jinger148d ago

Crackdown 3, Anthem and Metro will be day one. I'm gunna wait on a sale for Days Gone, I got my zombie fix already.

ziggurcat147d ago

"I'm gunna wait on a sale for Days Gone, I got my zombie fix already."

except it's not a zombie game... the devs have even said that the freakers are alive, and not zombies at all.

Tobse147d ago

If they say its a racing game, do you believe that aswell?

ziggurcat147d ago

no they're not.

"Senior animator Emmanuel Roth explained, in and interview with GamesRadar, that although these “creatures” might seem like zombies they are definitely alive. These are humans that have become infected and turned feral by a disease and are called Freakers (similar to 24 days later). He explained further that every Freaker is different, and that they have different needs and even behave differently depending on their surroundings and the weather.

The gameplay trailer showed two of these creatures, the main horde type Freaker, and the smaller Freaker dubbed a Newt. Unlike the hoard type Freakers the Newt seems to shy away from direct conflict and would rather pounces on their victims when they least expect it."


Tedakin147d ago

And 28 days later isn't a zombie movie.

Jinger147d ago

Infected, zombie, crazy on bath salts... who cares. They are humans turned into flesh eating creatures.

P_Bomb147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

28 days is an easier sell, although it’s more about rage than cannibalism. It got credited for reinvigorating the zombie genre with the runners, which Dawn of the Dead ran with as did Capcom’s REmake with the crimson heads. But is I Am Legend, or 30 days of night?

In Legend it was described as a mutation from a failed cancer cure, and those who turned were more akin to vampires, even though they too moved in hordes. In the Last man on earth book they run and climb, in the movie they’re slower and more plodding but have some intelligence, use weapons to kill Vincent Price who calls them mutations and “freaks”, repeatedly.

Depends how Days Gone executes it. Animals get the strain too, which reminds me of Will Smith’s dog in Legend. That never happened in TWD, 28, the Romero’s iirc. It did happen in Resident Evil, but they too moved away from zombies onto Las Plagas with Leon’s famous “that’s not a zombie” thought bubble in RE4.

I don’t know if the freakers prefer night to day, like the Alaska invading 30 days of night hordes, but it’s been said they prefer the cold.

gangsta_red147d ago

Sounds like "zombies" to me.

Hardiman146d ago

Pay him no mind because it doesn't matter! If it was multi platform we wouldn't be having this conversation!

He's getting hung up on what they are called but that doesn't change the fact that the naysayers try so hard to label it "generic" there are articles about impressions and gameplay previews that paint a very different picture!

Come February those of us who have PS4's will be treated to a proper third person action/adventure survival open world game that has Freakers/zombies/infected it doesn't matter what you call them because there will be hundreds of them(so far we'vs seen Screamers, Newts, regular Freakers, infected bears, wolves and crows and there's no telling what other variations there'll be) and that alone will make for some AMAZING experiences! Combine that with loads of customization options for weapons and motorcycles and a detailed beautiful game world and I don't see how you couldn't be excited!

They did the same thing with HZD and look how that turned out!

No Way146d ago

ziggur - it it looks like a chicken, if it barks like a chicken... it's a chicken.

Neonridr146d ago

so I guess 28 Days Later isn't classified as a Zombie movie then.

ziggurcat146d ago

so I guess you don't get that there's a difference between the things in 28 days later and this game.

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Unreal01147d ago

"I'm gunna wait on a sale for Days Gone"

Oh of course you were going to say that 😂 try harder.

paintedgamer1984147d ago

Jinger is a Sony hater 😂. Prob still review better than sod2 and sot which both are in the 68 club 😂

Jinger147d ago

Well, duh, I have made it clear my thoughts on Days Gone. Nothing I have seen since has shown me why I need this game.

RememberThe357146d ago

And yet Crackdown 3 has some how proved itself? I LOVE me some Crackdown, but I've seen way more from Days Gone that's interesting and am still trying to figure out what the hell is going on with Crackdown 3.

Hardiman147d ago

Here's the thing with calling Days Gone a "generic" zombie game. The Freakers are alive and must eat, drink, sleep and breed. They have an intricate ecosystem. Same with the animals and some are infected and so are not. Also there's deep crafting mechanics in the game combined with one of the most detailed game worlds I've seen for a "generic " zombie game! There's also a meaty narrative with choice and consequence but go ahead and wait for a sale.

Jinger147d ago

Nothing you just said makes it unique. You can call them Zombies, Freakers, walkers or runners... They are infected zombie-eaque creatures that try and eat you.

ziggurcat147d ago

@jinger He didn't say anything about it being unique. You can't call them zombies if they need to eat, sleep, drink, etc...

Jinger147d ago


So are you going to sneak into camps of freakers that are sleeping and mating? Or is that just something they say they do because they want to desperately separate themselves from zombies? if all I ever see of them are just groups of creatures eating human or animal flesh then they will be no different than any other zombie besides being able to run fast.

If I can sneak into a Freaker camps and witness them sleeping and mating and all that then I'll admit they aren't just zombies.

ziggurcat146d ago

"So are you going to sneak into camps of freakers that are sleeping and mating?"

that has nothing to do with them not being zombies.

"if all I ever see of them are just groups of creatures eating human or animal flesh then they will be no different than any other zombie besides being able to run fast."

there are several things, apart from running speed, that differentiate freakers from zombies that have already been explained by other people, including the devs... but you've flippantly dismissed those explanations as "desperate."

Jinger146d ago


I don't care what the devs say... they can say that Freakers sit down and do long division and discuss the intricacies of a working economy. If I don't see them doing this stuff and only see them doing zombie stuff then what's the point?

So if I don't see them express any other emotion or characteristics than azombie then they are just zombies in my eyes.

ziggurcat146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

You not caring what the devs say doesn’t make them zombies.

But by all means... continue to be ignorant of the facts.

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UCForce147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Here the thing, freaker are actually alive and they do have their community. They can drink, sleep and breed. It’s very inspired by I AM Legend.

Hardiman147d ago

I love the "unique " angle people go to! Why can't fun be the main perimeter when games are concerned? I'd say the Freaker ecosystem is the main element that'll separate it from the pack. I think like with most games there are gonna be more than a few surprises!

Also what makes a Metro unique? The answer you'd come up with can be applied to Days Gone or any game because while nothing is truly unique and is inspired by something else, the sum of parts combined come together to make an experience that is both fun and unique to itself!

I've got a sneaking suspicion that if this were a multi platform title there'd be less "concerned " or "I'll get it on sale" comments!

morganfell147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Crackdown 3? Might not be day one on the 22nd...

UCForce146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Days Gone will have different varieties of enemies. Like infected cougar, infected bear, infected raven and more. What State Of Decay 2 have ? Same zombie type with little variation and it is another game. Even Bend Studios dare to put zombie children aka newt just like Dead Space 2 put zombie Infant which it will explode if you get too close on them. The horde of freaker are not that dumb really. At first, they will chase you at the front but they will surround you if you are not be careful and people said the horde isn’t scripted and it feel natural actually. The animation on the freaker move differently. But you are still ignoring what developers said. But i’m not surprised a person like you. When come to PlayStation, you mostly talk negative about them. But when come to Xbox, you are loving them. Well, you have MS inner fanboy as well, but of course you don’t want to admit it. You are no different.

Jinger146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

State of Decay 2 has special zombies also.

Also, I don't always talk bad about PlayStation. In fact my game of the show is Ghost of Tsushima. I cant wait until September for Spider-Man.

But I'm not going to just hide my opinion of a game just because Sony is popular.

AmUnRa146d ago

Yeah shure you wait for Days Gone, one, you are wrong they are not zombies, and shure you you buy CD3 cous you are a wel know fanboy, so no surprise here.

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Brexit148d ago

I can't wait for Crackdown 3. The multiplayer is going to be fun with 100% destructible environment. Intriguing!

generic-user-name147d ago

They haven't showed that destruction off in 2 years now, wouldn't be surprised if it's been scrapped.

darthv72147d ago

not scrapped but not powered by cloudgine anymore since Epic bought them. They are using the azure tools now. cloudgine, I understand, was much more optimized for smaller projects like this game where as azure is on a larger scale for businesses and such so it will be interesting to see how it all works. I am thinking there will be dedicated servers just for this game to process all the online destruction.

morganfell147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Show us some footage of the destruction you are talking about. Except you can't. Microsoft is king of bragging when it comes to anything at E3. If there was any sort of reputable destruction working we would have seen it.

We didn't.

Stop making things up or telling us how we will be sorry when your dad buys a new Mustang and then you will out run everyone. Its absurd to simply make an assumption of the sort which you are fabricating when Microsoft's silence on this matter has been deafening. No demos in 2 years and not one public test of this mind blowing tech that will change gaming but hasn't been shown and is being given away with gamepass. Add to this the co-developer and original creator has bailed and left and it looks like Reagent has been shut down. Oops.



No Way146d ago

@Morganfell - you mean like the super-realistic gameplay of Killzone?

They all do it.

KickSpinFilter147d ago

I just heard that the main guy/company who was working on the cloud destructive part of Crackdown 3 has left/been bought by Epic I think it was. I think your going to see even more delays in this game big time.

darthv72147d ago

He left to go with his cloudgine company that Epic bought earlier this year. The main cloud features used for this game have been recompiled using Azure tools which is much more robust of a toolset. The game is nearly finished and what they have been working on lately is refining the graphic style. compare shot of its initial reveal with now and it is night and day difference.

Goldby147d ago


Ans figuring out how they are going to fit Terry crews' biceps into the game

IRetrouk147d ago

I read that interview, completely avoided talking about the destructability or even multi-player for that matter, id wait for reviews first.

morganfell147d ago

Well Darth you might want to back off on those guarantees and take a wait and see attitude. Everything points in a very bad direction. Now demo, people refusing to talk about it, Reagent shutting down. Now is not the time to just be making things up. Even major sites have no proof MS is going to use some of their own cloud tech instead of locally computed destruction. But if you want to keep standing out there these remarks will come back at you in less than a year and they will have plenty of egg with them.

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Rimeskeem147d ago

I like the metro devs a lot. I will see what happens with Days Gone (gets well reviewed I will likely buy it). Dont care about Crackdown 3, Anthem we will see.

The 10th Rider147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Yeah, TBH all titles show promise, but at the same time I wouldn't be shocked to see any or all of them, other than Metro, dissapoint. They all fall under the "Wait for reviews" category for me.