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Blast Away the Game Review Writes: "Omensight from Spearhead Games is something unique in our current day and age. It's a colorful, vibrant, and unique title that tells a story that we've experienced in one form or another, but somehow remains completely unique from those who have taken this approach before. It's a game that will both surprise and astonish you every time you revisit an area you have been to once before.

In the world of Urrallia, which has been torn asunder by a war raging between the Pygarian Empire and the Rodentian resistance. As the flames of war tear the world asunder, you are cast into the role of a Harbinger, an entity that is called upon as a failsafe to prevent the end times from coming to. You're, in essence, a Grim Reaper turned Time Lord; you're the fourth horsemen in this game and your goal? To hunt down the priestess' killers."

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