Final Fantasy VII Remake development "going well," "moving along more than expected," says Nomura

Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura commented on the status of the game’s development in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu.

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PhoenixUp93d ago

Resident Evil 2’s remake was also announced in 2015 and it didn’t have announcement trailer like FFVII’s remake, yet we’ve seen more substantial footage and coverage at this E3 than we did for FFVII’s remake in its entirety since then.

When Square Enix starts showing actual gameplay footage with a realistic release window is the time people should actually start being excited for this project.

UltraNova93d ago

At this point it might as well be a next gen release.

DogJosha93d ago

Well hopefully every game from this gen works on next gen so that it can be true either way. Still with how long this is taking I hope it reflects how long the game will be. Needs at least 50 hrs minimum to not completely ruin FFVII's good name.

indysurfn92d ago

Wow I get some great news and come and see people pee all over it! lol. Better than bad news. Give it a month or two and then pee on it if it is bad news.

Elda93d ago

Agreed! Imo FFVII:R will be a next gen title.

TricksterArrow93d ago

To be fair, Resident Evil 2 was a game that could be completed in under 3 hours. FF7 is still one of the most expensive RPGs ever made.

BlahBlahWhatever93d ago

The comparison is not fair if you think that you could do anything in RE2 with both characters+secret missions in less than 10 hours when FFVII was a game were you needed minimum 45-50 hours to complete it once without do any side content if you decide to do everything you need over 200 hours.

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ninsigma93d ago

Really looking forward to this but I can see it being a ps5 title

Artemidorus93d ago

Just show us something, anything ideally.

Derceto92d ago

They can't. This is all PR BS.

rivaldoo77793d ago

Final Fantasy 15 was garbage.

nommers93d ago

It seems we have a lost child on this article. Would his parents please come by to pick him up?

BlahBlahWhatever93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Beyond garbage, trash for the ages.

raWfodog93d ago

I enjoyed FFXV. I plan to play it again once all the content finishes releasing for it. In hindsight though, I would have preferred to play it the first time in its more completed form. I'm going to be taking a more wait and see approach with a lot of games from now on. (more than I used to).

Derceto92d ago

"I enjoyed FFXV. I plan to play it again once all the content finishes releasing for it."

The fact this sentence can even be uttered for what was once one of the defining franchises in quality? Shows just how far SquareEnix has fallen.

raWfodog92d ago (Edited 92d ago )


Your statement would have made more sense if SqEx was the only company doing this. Far from it. These days its practically the norm for almost every dev/pub to release some kind of DLC after their game drops. Doesn't change the fact that I can still enjoy the content of the game that was released up until then.

chris23593d ago

ahh, good old vaporware :D

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