Forget Netflix, play Detroit: Become Human instead

NEWS writes "For all that we have in common, my girlfriend and I are different in many ways.

She is calm, compassionate and kind, while I am more brash, impulsive and cold.

The true extent of our differences were recently brought to our attention while taking turns playing a cinematic video game that alters the story based on almost every decision you make."

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Ninja_Ryu97d ago

I love the story in Detroit

pasta_spice96d ago

Same. I'm in my third playthrough and the different paths you can take are staggering. I'm enjoying the hell out of it, and would love to see a sequel or DLC (particularly if it includes Hank and Connor).

salmonade97d ago

I'll be honest. I hated Beyond 2 Souls... but Detroit Become Human is amazing. Just an amazing game. Loved every minute of it on my first and second play through. I even did a few chapters more than twice lol. So good

chris23597d ago

good one, blogger. and no. i will not play a badly enacted videogame and let netflix go. there are some of us who think quantic dream are unable to tell engaging stories.

thejigisup97d ago

Play the damn game to see if the story is engaging enough or shut up and watch Netflix. What is wrong with you?

boing197d ago

It's an exclusive so you would have to buy Playstation first.

Toiletsteak97d ago

I wanna play this game but I'm not paying the current price for it £46-£50. I don't think it's worth that price.

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The story is too old to be commented.