GameStop Officially Confirms Buyout Talks

GameStop just confirmed that it’s in discussions about a “potential transaction.”

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StormSnooper152d ago

I know you guys all dislike GameStop but I like having a dedicated video game store.

BeardedDrachen152d ago

Why wouldn’t it still be a video game store?

Eonjay152d ago

Well, its hard enough even being able to tell with POP figures being their main seller. I could easily see GameStop picking up clothing distribution. I think he means dedicated video game ship (oh yeah thats exactly what he said)

Sgt_Slaughter151d ago

GameStop already sells shirts, hoodies, socks, etc.

CrimsonWing69152d ago

when's the last time you stepped into a Gamestop? Because it hasn't been a dedicated video game store for a while. Usually I have to wade through POPs figures, t-shirts, random junk, and then get to the gutted games.

bloop152d ago

Last time I was in my local GameStop was to get the Last Guardian on release day. I hadn't been to my local GameStop in a while and it had just all been done up to facilitate their new direction with all this merch crap. I couldn't find the game ANYWHERE in the store. The Last Guardian was a pretty big release and it was nowhere to be found. Needless to say I left, and have just been buying either digital or on eBay since. I know they were getting hit hard with competition, but I don't think the route they took with the business was a good decision.

Silly gameAr152d ago

Don't forget comic books. Apparently they do comics now too.

Omegasyde152d ago

Gamestop had to do that to combat digital sales.

If they didn’t, they would of had to shut down. Sadly, the merch took away used game space.

Personally, I like them because most of the time they really have great sales that actually beat digital prices.

DogJosha151d ago

Considering digital sales still pale in comparison they were losing sales to other competitors on the physical front. Hell I probably haven't touched Games top in over half a decade since getting brand new games 20% cheaper at best buy. I'm sad to see them bringing that to an end now...

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Apocalypse Shadow152d ago

Me too. But most gamestops are no longer game stores.

You can't demo any games but there's a demo unit on the floor only to look at. They don't require employees to even know about games. They open up new copies of games and sell them as new but don't at least discount that last floor copy. The trade in values blow. Some of the stores are unkept and you can't find things. And the customer service is poor.

Hopefully a new owner will have a new focus. Something more fun. That's what games are supposed to be. FUN.

deathtok152d ago

They should put that in the name. Funcoland?

Apocalypse Shadow152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

When EB,Funcoland,Software etc,Babbages,etc were purchased and merged into Gamestop, it was the end of fun and more about profits like Activision's CEO.

When I ran a franchise Game Crazy before the idiots ran it into the ground by selling back into the corporate Game Crazy's,it was about having employees that were gamers providing information, demoing games, tournaments for prizes and FUN. And it was still a million dollar store.

Then rumors that movie gallery were buying Hollywood video and I knew the end was coming like ultimate electronics with the same people involved.

Sgt_Slaughter151d ago

Every GameStop I go to has multiple playable demo units, even PSVR and that one was in a smaller mall location.

Muzikguy151d ago

Yes bring Funcoland back!


That’s sad how all that went down


Ok sure but every one I’ve been to is the opposite of that

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bluefox755152d ago

Yeah, it is convenient sometimes, I like not having to walk a half mile through walmart to get what I want.

KwietStorm152d ago

I was fine having a local dedicated games store that had real gamers behind the counter, gaming stations setup to try the actual game you want to buy, imports that I couldn't find anywhere else, and fair trades. All before GameStop moved in literally across the street and put them out of business.

Sirk7x152d ago

I have good memories of Gamestop, but they really can't compete with Amazon. Nor can anyone else lol.

TimelessDbz152d ago

Have not bought a physical game since RE6 release.

TorpeAlex152d ago

Me too, maybe someday we'll get one again.

Nodoze152d ago

While I agree, it would certainly be nice is said store was not apt to rape their customers. Sorry for the analogy but GameStop has destroyed any good will with their ridiculous practices long long ago.

Muzikguy151d ago

They’re not a dedicated video game store anymore. That’s my problem with them in the first place

Jrios355151d ago

The last time I walked into a Game Stop was a week ago. While they're not strictly dedicated to video games, video games are still the biggest focus in their stores. It's not like the products they sell is 25% games, 25% Pop Figurines, etc. It's just a shame that one of the only few video game stores out there was ruined by shady business practices.

SierraGuy151d ago

Everyone believes digital is killing shops like this but really it's the fact I can buy physical media and hardware online delivered to my door.

It will only get tougher for these shops with eBay Amazon or other online retail shops flooding our eyeballs with cheaper pricing.

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Concertoine152d ago

I’ll give em $2.16 with a $2.50 refurbish fee

Jinger152d ago

For a PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and 40 games?

Cheesetoenails152d ago

I don't buy at Gamestop anymore. Its been quite a while since I've purchased anything for myself there. I've been mostly digital this gen and get all my stuff from Amazon when I want it. Gamestop has crapped in its bed and now they can sleep in it for all I care.

awdevoftw152d ago

Hopefully they keep it a video game store. My local gamestops are cool, and not like the horror stories I hear about from other people.

danny818152d ago

I share the sentiment. On the internet it's cool to hate on gamestop just like they do with X1. But should they go as a video game store I'm going to miss it dearly

RedDevils151d ago

But X1 is shit though :)

Prettygoodgamer151d ago

If there wasn't anything to hate it wouldn't happen, Xbox deserves all the hate it gets plus more and gamestop have been trash forever, I remember when the ps3 released and every game stop employee would try to convince you to get a 360, they charge way more for games than most shops and give you tiny amounts back for trade one.

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