Team Sonic Racing E3 Preview - Everybody's Super Sonic Racing | MonsterVine

MonsterVine: "From what I played at Sega’s E3 booth, Team Sonic Racing feels like a natural continuation of the Sonic Racing series, but with a greater focus on teamwork and cooperation."

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gangsta_red175d ago

Awesome, but do they also have a regular racing mode without the team based option?

darthv72175d ago

Apparently, the IGN video from E3 interviews a Sega guy and asked the same question. There will be time trial stuff and some other SP based parts of the game but it seems their focus is on team racing this time.

gangsta_red175d ago

Hmmmmm, going to have to keep my eye on this some more.

darthv72175d ago

when they first announced it as "team" racing I was thinking it would be a sonic take on my favorite of the MK games... Double Dash. Sadly that doesnt look to be the case.

gangsta_red175d ago

Yea, that would have been awesome. I truly hope they have a standard race mode like they had for Transformed.

Was great getting friends together and beating each other down to see who gets first. Will be hard to actually work together with the shoot 'em all cart mentality etched in our souls