Introducing PlayStation Hits: Great Games at a Great Price

PSBlog: Catch up on some of the biggest PS4 experiences you might have missed, now at a new lower price.


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solidmic154d ago

It's about time! What thehell took them so long!!?!

Deep-throat154d ago

Are you kidding? What's the point if you can get those old games when they're on sale?

Seraphim154d ago

I have to agree Deep-throat. It's not like games this generation haven't dropped in pricing and been available for $15-20. Even most end up being $30 at some point.

Though I do also agree it's LONG overdue to have a greatest hits lineup this list certainly isn't anything special. I could argue that because a ton of games, almost, if not all these even, have been available for $20 or less the program is mute. So in today's practices, while this is overdo, are Greatest Hits even needed.

letsa_go153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

@Seraphim Oh god, you are one of those people that say mute point huh? Also, the word you are looking for is overdue.

conanlifts153d ago

"What's the point if you can get those old games when they're on sale?"

Have you considered that at some point these versions will also be on sale making them even cheaper.

Silly Mammo153d ago

@letsa_go I think the term you're looking for is "moot point." Not criticizing just here to help out.

x_xavier_x153d ago


"you are one of those people that say mute point huh? Also, the word you are looking for is overdue."

...and the word you are looking for is moot.

Spartacus10153d ago

@ sd11
They aren't necessarily. Usually its the original versions that go for cheaper because retailers bought more copies than they could sell and need to get rid of them. By the time the hits version comes out, retailers already know the demand for the game and wont make the same mistake with the hits version which means they wont have to sell them at a loss.

letsa_go152d ago

@x_xavier_x No shit, that is why I called him out on it. LMAOOOO

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darthv72154d ago

Usually greatest hits are games that have reached some milestone in their existence. Like... 1 million units sold. So with that, where is GoW? That has sold several million.

1-pwnsause-1153d ago

There’s also a rule on how many years the game has on the system as well -_-

I mean really, you actually believe GOW was gonna be on that greatest hits list this early?

darthv72153d ago

No... not really. But one can dream. It will get there eventually but in the meantime there are some good games to start with.

BiggerBoss153d ago

GOW will definitely be on the "greatest hits", but it just released a few months ago and is still selling greatly at full price.

Why would they offer it for $20 when it's selling boatloads at $40??

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littletad154d ago

This is great, but already have most of them. A good time to check out the Yakuza series for the first time though.

BiggerBoss153d ago

Never played Yakuza, how is it?

LiViNgLeGaCY153d ago

Fantastic. Definitely should be played by as many people as possible.

BiggerBoss153d ago


Any games that it's similar to?

Which one should I check out first?

NarooN153d ago

Start with Yakuza Zero. Chronologically it's the beginning of the story (Kiryu's story anyway) and a great entry point to the series.

KillZallthebeast154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Only thing I saw there that hasn't been free on ps+ or interesting in general are the yakuza games.

Edit- not sure if the last of us was every free so I might be wrong

Baza154d ago

Didn’t realize Shadow Fall was a ps+ free game... not sure how’d I missed it!

KillZallthebeast154d ago

That game wasnt really good, but it was free on june or july 2017.

KillZallthebeast153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

It was for japan so I am still right, and you guy's don't even have the metal fortitude to retort properly aside from it wasn't in my country. Or perhaps a single click for a thumbs down. I mean for fucks sake google shadow fall free ps plus.

KillZallthebeast153d ago

Guess the japanese don't matter, must not count since you have to prove a point.

Strange_Evil153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

That game has a great offline Bots mode. I feel that it is a very underrated feature of Killzone games. It adds so much replay-ability offline. Bots AI is good as well on higher difficulty and you can literally tweak everything from the health to ammo count to modes on a map so you can craft a very unique experience each time.

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KillZallthebeast153d ago

I don't make baseless comments 90% of the time. Do research before you become one of them.

BiggerBoss153d ago

You act like the majority of PS4 users live in Japan.

90% of PS4 owners did NOT get killzone as a PS+ game.

KillZallthebeast153d ago

It's almost like we knew your hillarious bitter folks befors

BiggerBoss153d ago

What is this even supposed to say?

Do you speak English..?

KillZallthebeast153d ago

Lol it was use google you jackass

MoonConquistador153d ago

How about just dropping the stinking attitude, it will serve you better in life.

And after bringing up "proving a point", you're the only one who seems to be locked in the battle of who is right and who is wrong.

If your first comment had mentioned it was free for Japanese PS+ then you would have been right and would have saved us all from this pointless back n forth

KillZallthebeast153d ago

Oh lordy lordy looks like I made the sony brigade mad. I guess I'll mention the trash quality their controllers are this gen and that 4 have broke in different ways.

RosweeSon153d ago

Yeah misuse, I’m still on launch controllers.

KillZallthebeast153d ago

Rubber wore off the first two launch and some just flat out stipped working. I btw stuck through no rubber like any man but they lost sensitivity

x_xavier_x153d ago


"you guy's don't even have the metal fortitude to retort properly"

It's MENTAL fortitude, genius.

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ocelot07154d ago

That Bloodborne cover indicates it's just the standard edition with no dlc. Surely it will include the dlc? The game is like 3 years old now.

Baza154d ago

They want you to get hooked on the game so you buy the dlc. $$$

BiggerBoss153d ago

I love Bloodborne, but if true, that's some BS. The DLC is great, and should definitely be included in a Greatest Hits edition.

Kokyu154d ago

Nope none of those are complete edition s

shinoff2183153d ago

I hope so if not that would suck. I'll just import the complete edition