Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Switch Sells an Estimated 296,079 Units First Week at Retail

The side-scrolling platformer from publisher Nintendo and developer Retro Studios - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - sold 296,079 units first week at retail on the Nintendo Switch, according to VGChartz estimates.

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PhoenixUp176d ago

I was expecting bigger numbers

The 10th Rider174d ago

It's a rerelease of a game that was originally $10 less at launch and has been available as a Nintendo Select for $40 less for like 2 years.

Hell, even though I own it on Wii U I would have considered picking it up with either GCU or my Prime discount if it had been $40 MSRP.

All things considered 300,000 in two days isn't so bad.

PhoenixUp174d ago

I’ve seen rereleases post bigger numbers before

Teflon02174d ago

kinda depends on the situation. Games like last of us released during PS4 hype so even though it sold. Alot missed it. Like me. So it releasing like a year later on PS4 with the DLC made sense and was easy to sell after the uproar for it being full price (funny right seeing this game got barely any backlash for raising the price from the original amount). Then games like Crash and Shadow of the Colossus are long time classics people wanted full remakes for. Then games like GTA, Zelda, MK etc that just defy logic lol

PhoenixUp174d ago

TLOU sold well on PS3. Saying a lot missed out on it can apply to any title, not just that one game. Hell it can apply to DKC: TF as well.

CrimsonWing69174d ago

Why? People that were interested already bought this on the Wii U.

PhoenixUp174d ago

That’s poor logic. A lot more people bought Mario Kart 8 in Wii U and that didn’t stop it from selling a lot on NS.

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