Opinion: Microsoft Taking Steps In Right Direction

From Cinelinx:

Microsoft has had a really tough road this generation with twists and turns at every possible chance. We have watched the Xbox One evolve, but we are finally seeing Microsoft push Xbox in the way they need to.

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darklordzor182d ago

I will fully admit that I haven't been all that interested in Xbox stuff over the last several years, but their conference was easily the best of the show this year.

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alb1899182d ago

They are going in the right direction.

shinoff2183182d ago

After this generation, I'll wait and see. It would be easier for me to buy into if they had some type of JRPG support. I specifically bought a 360 for lost odyssey, and blue dragon. I still never got to play last remnant but I heard bad things about, I never let reviews stop me. Now a days people complain about turn based rpg's I actually prefer them so screw reviews most of the time

kainslayer182d ago

Yes but not for this gen, xbox one is dead in the water