At E3, SoulCalibur's Objectified Women Felt Like A Relic Of The Past

Cecilia D'Anastasio writes: Over-the-top appearances may have fit in quite well with the boys’ club mentality of the late 1990s when characters like Ivy were introduced in the first SoulCalibur.
20 years later, at an E3 with down-to-earth playable female protagonists in Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, The Division 2, The Last of Us Part 2, Battlefield 5, and other headlining games, Ivy in SoulCalibur 6 seemed a little out of place.

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slate91151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Am I allowed to be offended and upset about the super buff shirtless men in the game? Or does the bitching/insecurity only work one way?

strayanalog151d ago

That's exactly how I feel.

I know plenty of women that love Soul Calibur, and they all have never complained about this. We all know sex sells. Skimpy clothes, same-sex kisses, etc., but it seems like every so often someone forgets.

UltraNova150d ago

My God....will this ever end?

Yi-Long150d ago

Same. Was playing Mortal Kombat a few weeks ago against my GF, and she was complaining how all the characters were ugly, and said she far preferred Dead or Alive, and 'that other game we played on Dreamcast' (SoulCalibur).

gamer7804150d ago

Yup last of us really played it up and sjw are cheering. Makes no sense. Let developers make what they want I'm fine with last of us and soul caliber. It's only frustrating when games get censored against fans of the series wishes like with doa6. Let the free market and actual gamers help dictate what sells.

Eonjay150d ago

So in the spirit of fairness... I feel that forcing all women to be covered up is censorship but I also feel that the writer has the right to their opinion and any attempt to suppress that opinion is also censorship.

xHeavYx150d ago

The title of this article me be throw up in my mouth a little.

kreate149d ago

I'm gonna buy the game to show some support.

DJ_Professor_K149d ago

The people that are complaining are not gamers it’s like if someone never seen a anime. And you put on Legend of the overfiendl ,Seikon no Qwaser or better yet Manyuu Hikenchou it’s not a gamer issue.Rememder what gta had to endure

Rachel_Alucard149d ago

I looked in the comments and was immediately greeted by Condescending Cecilia

No wonder Tecmo is so scared of the current climate. The only interactions they get with the west are with loonies who only focus on objectification instead of the game being good.

abstractel149d ago

History works one way, THAT's why this is a relevant issue. That so many videogamers get upset when someone calls out sexism is incredibly disappointing.

Have an open mind and actually look at how women have been treated and are treated and then look at how it's not the same to show a shirtless man and a shirtless woman. Look at the facts about how many women are sexually abused compared to men. Shame on the lot of you,

kreate148d ago


U are the one w a closed mind. No one here is going to look at big bouncy soul calibur boobs and than go out and abuse anyone. We are also not arguing history either. We are just gamers and appreciate creative freedom and entertainment.

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Prettygoodgamer150d ago

It seems like buzzfeed must write these articles for kotaku

Knushwood Butt150d ago

Lol kotaku, desperately attempting to stay relevant.

Juiceid150d ago

I don’t think there is a larger collection of antifa, leftist, sjw’s anywhere than Kotaku or their sister sites.

Cobra951150d ago

Kotaku could help out Buzzfeed too. They're both in the same corner already.

pabadamus1150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

I mean come on. Every single thing literally offends every single person. Golly!!! It is as if I went to sleep for 20 years to only wake up to this new hyper politically correct, hyperbolic, nonsensical, entitled, hyper sensitive culture. Can't the writer see that men are as equally objectified in this game as women? Everyone is neckid!!! Everyone! Would she rather everyone wear business suits or gender neutral clothing? If this country continues down this path of desiring to oppress free speech and expression in art and in culture in general then we will end up in a place where nothing is unique or bold.

Cobra951150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

He was going for a different pronunciation, usually spelled as "nekkid" (which isn't really a word, so spelling is no big deal).

TheCommentator149d ago

Next time you wake up, Idiocracy (the Mike Judge movie) will be in full effect. Smart Phones and social media are making the human race dumber than dirt.

This message was sponsored by Brawndo, "It's got electrolytes, it's what plants crave!"

RememberThe357149d ago

Don't worry about the country we'll be fine. It's just that having a real conversation has to happen in a damn closet nowadays. Wont stay this way though, this isn't sustainable. People will go back to openly hating each other sooner or later.

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gamer7804150d ago

I want going to buy sc a launch. But now i think will, maybe show kotaku and she that shaming people in only one direction isn't right

trooper_150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

As a woman, I apologize for the stupid articles.

150d ago
annoyedgamer150d ago

It's not your fault. There are plenty of beta males writing for these sites that are strong arming the industry.

frostlatch150d ago

lol and yet each and every time an article like this is published, so many guys lose their shit. Its comical. I totally get your perspective and honestly theres hypocrisy on both sides but you talk about insecurity yet cant allow people to say what they want to say. Theres truth in everything people say and I even believe that about your statement but also means shes saying truth too. Sometimes these things ARE too much but trying to protect and counteract the objectification of women is never a bad thing. Its responsible.

slate91150d ago

It is someone's art. It is someone's take on the universe that they create. Who are you to try and change or censor someone's art?
To point out that its a "boy's club mentality" from the 1990's is both arrogant and dangerous.
Conveniently leaving out the fact that men's physiques are also exaggerated in this piece of art.
It all wreaks of a biased agenda.

jmetalhead77812150d ago

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If I want to buy it, mind your own damn business. It’s pretty damn simple. BTW they don’t like “women” being objectified in a video game, but are ok with “men” beating the s**t out of “women” in a video game. PC warriors are psychotic.

Scatpants149d ago

It's because they see it as a group of people that don't even play games coming in and loudly trying to get them censored. Censored in a way that most actual game fans wouldn't like at that.

Rippcity150d ago

Lol not a single down vote. Finally we all agree on something.

tombfan150d ago

I'd love to see them even more clothless tho...

frostlatch150d ago

There are plenty of porn/sex games for that lol.

tombfan150d ago

Hahahahaha, I know plenty plenty, but the fighter games have also nice graphics and cute character designs, I mean if you have an Ivy with just a handful of clothes, you could also have a male character (Voldo doesn't count, he's creepy) with super small shorts or underwear... just saying hahahaha

Lord_Sloth150d ago

Right? Maxi, Yeong Seong, Mitsurugi, Voldo, etc. SC has it's share of Manservice as well.

ShadowWolf712150d ago

Nonono, see

When you see those super buff men, YOU, as a man, feel EMPOWERED. You don't EVER feel insecure in your own body type or worry about living up to an impossible standard, you LOVE that. Because they say you do.

So it's totally not hypocritical at ALL.

frostlatch150d ago

Like I said, there is truth in everything anyone says. Thats true, male physiques are exaggerated and thats another reason why I try to customize and represent minorities (such as myself) when I create a character and try my best to represent my own physique or what Id like to see in myself when I create a character.

But then I also have to turn it around and ask you who YOU are you criticize anyone trying to argue the other side? Arrogant and dangerous? How? Because you say its censoring art? Pointing out a potential problem? Nah bro. Its arrogant and dangerous to act as if people on your side of the fence have done no wrong. Dont be stupid. It isnt cut and dry.

slate91150d ago

So what do you and the author suggest? What is the problem and what is the solution? If you aren't suggesting anything and being the devil's advocate, what do you think would be an appropriate action to take to "correct" something like this? What is the author's mission?

Scatpants149d ago

The proper action to take is no action. Games are artistic works and as such not everyone in the audience is going to like every game. Asking for every game to be tailor made to your specifications is a stupid request to make.

Jinger149d ago

We need more midgets in games! I'm also offended ND took out Donut Drake, we need fat people representation.

frostlatch149d ago

Much of what I have to say comes down to mentality. It isnt as black and white as everyone here says it is. I agree wholeheartedly that games are an art and should be protected as such. I see your points, believe me. We can take that perspective and join it with reasonable portrayal. I get it if the purpose of Ivy is to be so skimpy while also being badass and kicking ass. Catwoman is a sexy seductive character but she also has depth and is also a badass but we also know shes portrayed in a way that is more sexual for a reason.

What do I suggest? Balancing the reasonable request to protect art with the likewise reasonable request to portray women (and minorities) in a less detrimental way. Most heroes (male or female) are white and perfectly proportioned. You get the occassional black hero and can customize your character in many games but otherwise. I get it though, most devs are white? Probably the same case in Hollywood. Perhaps more colored folk should step up but even after we accept that side of the argument we are left with terrorists always being middle eastern or black people being gangster ghetto or whatever else.

Whats the authors mission? Perhaps convey that she doesnt want inaccurate portrayals of women to get out of control because it causes or instills unrealistic expectations in men the same way porn does. Im sure many will deny that and I cant help those people honestly. Those folks believe doing whatever they want, whenever they want is a good thing but there is such a thing as too much of anything. It isnt like we can punish the devs and frankly I plan on getting SC6 because it looks fantastic. Its all mentality.

TheCommentator149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

"I get it though, most devs are white?" Japanese devs say hello.

"...with terrorists always being middle eastern..." Metal Gear, Resident Evil, COD:MW2, Splinter Cell: DA, Far Cry 5, etc., all had white terrorists.

" people being gangster ghetto or whatever else." Augustus Cole (Gears), Clementine (Walking dead), Irving Lambert (Splinter Cell), etc.

There needs to be more diversity in gaming, sure, but don't cry about things like they're absolutes when they're not.

Loktai149d ago


Regarding non ghetto blacks also see Halo, crysis/crysis expansion, multiple assassins creed games , uncharted, and so on.

Gh05t149d ago

"terrorists always being middle eastern"

Yeah that's a sign of the times you are looking at. How many games or movies or TV shows had the terrorist groups as majority middle eastern before 1999?

Most of them were of Eastern European or Russian. But you know let's just rewrite history with whatever we see now because we can't seem to remember what life was like just 20 years ago, Russians have been the boogey man since the cold war and still are to some extent in media and it has been that way for decades. So forgive me if your bleeding heart rhetoric falls deaf on ears who have been around long enough to remember a world where identity wasnt in your face every day.

d3nworth1149d ago

Only double standards allowed.

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Chaosdreams151d ago

I am offended that you are offended.

UltraNova150d ago

I am offended that you are offended that I am offended that they are offended.

MWH150d ago

Double Dipping Denied.. And i'm offended.

150d ago
Nacho_Z150d ago

I'm offen ded when I play Dark Souls.

UltraNova150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

But does dieing often in DS offend you?

Android149d ago

Lol I'm going to use that one in the future.

annoyedgamer150d ago

Play the Saudi Arabia version if it bothers you that much. It should hold up to your moral standards.

UltraNova150d ago

Daaaaamn son, scorching hot!

thejigisup149d ago

So hot he's gonna need a shayla.

150d ago
bunt-custardly150d ago

I think we can all agree that SC allows for plentiful customization so if you're offended you can at least change threads or create your own character. Having choice is a good thing and perhaps respecting o ther people's preferences is good too. At least SC provides for this.

annoyedgamer149d ago

They do not agree. Choice is only allowed to benefit their agenda. If it goes againt their rules, it is considered offensive should he cecensored or banned.

Male lead title? Needs female choice for diversity. Or, better yet, female only sequel.

Female lead title? No males allowed. Needs to stay that way to preserve narrative. Win for diversity.

MunchMiller00150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

lol No. Actually, they don't.

Namco will make many sales based on these "objectified women" [and men]. (notice the quotes to indicate the sarcasm of the term)

You can count on that.

MWH150d ago

MK II is the best 👍🏻