Square Enix Still Discussing Final Fantasy XIV On Switch And Xbox One With Cross-Platform Play

Speaking at the E3, Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida confirmed that there are still discussions about possible X1 and Switch releases

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slavish0151d ago

Hope sonys crossplay stance isnt the reason its not happening 😑

PhoenixUp151d ago

Microsoft didn’t want Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox platforms because it’d crossplay with PlayStation platforms

Tres21151d ago

some1 please explain why does it matter if ms did it 1st? It was bull then and its bull now. It works both ways if its was a feature for gamers last gen it doesnt make it only right sony does it back. its still a bull move. F both ms and sony yall happy i dont giv a ish who did what im not playin games with either one of them im playin games with other gamers not the companys and neither one is hurting that bad they need my money twice. If sony has the lead doesnt it reason more players will be on ps so more spending would come from ps side?
so if more ppl buy games from sony and buy content on ps. Why stop it and dont say they dont want to giv info to ms cause if last gen it was cool 2 giv info what changed? And dont dev have basic info when they make games for a system to network their games on it?

RauLeCreuset151d ago

"some1 please explain why does it matter if ms did it 1st?"

Because that's the reason it's not on Xbox.

DJK1NG_Gaming150d ago

You people need to learn how the world works.
Everything happens for reason.
Xbox 360 era didn't Phil Spencer. Who is open to put Xbox on any device. Pushing Windows 10 with Xbox games. Open for Cross-Play, Adding a lot of feature to the Xbox One.

Different Era, Time and Head of Xbox

RauLeCreuset150d ago


The same Phil Spencer who cries about third party deals while cutting them, whines about cross-play while having less cross-play titles than PS4, and who just showed off games nowhere close to release after saying they don't want to show games too early to excuse their dearth of announced exclusives in times past. Phil didn't just arrive at MS this gen. The only relevant thing you pointed out is it's a different time. It wasn't convenient to MS to pursue it then. It is now.

MuddyWaters150d ago

How strange, people ask if it's happening in the future and now some want to talk about the past. I guess instead of answering, because that could put their piece of plastic in jeopardy, they want to deflect.

Alucard_420150d ago

This is the reason to why it did not happen.

If MS wants cross play for 14 it will happen. This is unrelated to MS did it first, it is related to MS didn't want to change it's stance at the start of this gen.

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Teflon02151d ago

Ironically this situation was the exact opposite. MS missed out on this game because they wouldn't agree to cross play on playstation and pc while Sony and square were both pushing for it

gangsta_red151d ago

What's even funnier is Sony never pushed for it. They basically shrugged their shoulders and said whatever. with their position now it's possible they never wanted to in the first place and MS knew this.

InKnight7s151d ago

The true identity of MS. Now they act to be victims and all what they want is user benefits. Not like they are the first company to have pay to play online, the first company sells add on player(HD DVD player), first company to enforce camera(Kinect and X1), first company to create full idea of DRM and the company who said they won't support blu ray and won't need it(we know how that ended), company that is doing exactly what EA and Activision is doing in term in hardware and sofware and always had problems with RPG and single player games.

shinoff2183151d ago

Not sure why your getting down voted. This is all true. Last gen ms told sony to f off. Now sony is just doing the same. It's only right. Everybody mad at Sony, needs to remember this

Zeref150d ago

im honestly starting to think that Sony was bluffing at that time. Just because they knew Xbox didn't want to at that time. Now that Xbox is actually going for it, theyre backing off.

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Zeref150d ago

im honestly starting to think that Sony was bluffing at that time. Just because they knew Xbox didn't want to at that time. Now that Xbox is actually going for it, theyre backing off. Also they never really pushed for it, Did they ever approach xbox about it?

Xbox is actually actively pushing for it and im pretty sure Xbox and other companies have had various converstations with Sony about it.

Teflon02150d ago

Or you know, Sony and MS had talks that didn't fall through and to simply put it. Sony will just stick with the crossplay they worked with originally.
No one seems to remember MS was trying to force PSN users to make a XBL for Minecraft crossplay once they became open to crossplay lol. I'm pretty sure that's where this all started, and if that's the problem sony did the right thing. Why should they do something that benefits MS so much and takes away from them in the process. Sony probably just doesn't want to do it because of that. I bet if Sony and MS renegoiated the Minecraft situation everything would be good. But Devs are not going to get sony to do it. MS needs to get up and renegoiate because I know that as long as the minecraft situation stands we won't see it. Though I don't care for it since I don't care to b\play with Xbox and Switch on games I play on PS4.

Kashima151d ago

More players are welcome in my favorite mmorpg of all tIme.

Brave_Losers_Unite151d ago

I like everything about it except for the loot system and crappy armor/weapon sets

ThanatosDMC150d ago

There's a crap ton of armors and weapon sets. My biggest problem is how the potion system works. I have 60k+ hp as a lv70 tank and health potions are pointless. I don't like to rely on healers when it's a Final Fantasy setting.

Sm00thNinja151d ago

Yeah at this point let's be honest does anyone really give a damn? FF14 has been out for years and they've been talking about this for almost all of that time.

porkChop151d ago

Well it's a hugely popular MMO, so yeah I'd say there are probably a lot of people who'd care.

gangsta_red151d ago

That would be interesting to see happen.

SpaceRanger151d ago

Why would it be interesting? It is the way it is. MS didn’t want this initially for the same reason Sony now doesn’t. That’s the way it played out.

gangsta_red150d ago

Sony didn't want it back then either for the same reasons they don't want it now.

What's interesting is now Switch and Xbox may have it.

That's how it may play out.

Larrysweet151d ago

4k 60 on x yes sir please

Prettygoodgamer151d ago

Not a chance 🤣🤣🤣 mmos are CPU intensive the Xbox CPU is crap on a stick like the ps4s, maybe next gen

Segata150d ago

This game is on PS3.Dragon Quest X is on Wii and Wii U.

Prettygoodgamer150d ago


And the ps3 cpu is better than both the ps4 and Xbox 1 x cpu.....

Also the graphical effects are far lower on ps3 so there is that as well. Facts don't care about disagrees.

Zeref150d ago

lol CPU in PS3 is better than Xbox One or PS4? Are you high sir?

Name Last Name150d ago

I think they removed PS3 support in the last expansion

Prettygoodgamer150d ago


The ps3 cpu was easily better than the current cpus used in the ps4 and Xbox, by a really large margin, what rock have you been living under and what planet was that rock on ? If properly used it would be a gen ahead of the xbox and ps4 cpu

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