After so many delays, have gamers lost all their hype for the latest in the Crackdown series?

MediaStinger: "Originally announced at E3 2014, Microsoft’s Crackdown 3 has been delayed more times than we can count. And with so many delays, gamers have started to lose interest in the upcoming Xbox-exclusive action-adventure game as other similar games keep beating it to launch."

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chrisx150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

This was the game that was supposed to show the true power of the clouds years ago that would make base xbone 40times more powerful than 360. The poster boy for ms and some of their misleading tactics.

UltraNova150d ago

At this point its beating a dead horse. Its coming early next year and we will see if it holds up to scrutiny.

MuddyWaters150d ago

Not sure why Microsoft thinks this is a big game and they haven't talked much about the cloud or multiplayer for quite some time.

UltraNova150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Simple, back in the day cloud was the thing they needed to push in order to get us buy their product. Now it seems they couldn't make it work as promised (and extensively advertised) so they keep a low profile hoping CD3 slips under the radar when it comes out so they can avoid the backlash. Unfortunately for them some people don't forget that easily(see NMS and Andromeda for more on that).

darthv72150d ago

@Ultra, I got a feeling they aren't saying much because there is nothing they could say to get people hyped for it. They just have to let them see for themselves. So... they will release it and if it does what they promised then great. If not then they will get raked over the coals (again) for over promising and under delivering.

On topic... I don't have any doubt that server farms (aka: cloud) can help out the little guy (console) but their announcing it so far in advance was a huge mistake. So it makes sense for them to keep it on the quiet side and just work on it. I'm curious to know what kind of varying performance there will be due to the different speeds people have.

In offline mode, it will have destructive environments but not as flamboyant as if the game is using the cloud. I want to know just how much a difference it will be.

UltraNova150d ago

Agreed but if they believed in their product they would surely talk about it the closer we get to release right?

Obscure_Observer150d ago


"Its coming early next year and we will see if it holds up to scrutiny."

Yes. It gonna be released alongside Days Gone. Is gonna be interesting indeed.

TheSaint149d ago

yeah, lets all just forget that MS lied to sell consoles.

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lociefer150d ago

"true power of the clouds"
There's more than one cloud ? Looord have mercy !

ElementX150d ago

Actually on Bombcast E3 Night 2 show, Phil said that they aren't talking about "cloud power" but it's still in the game. He said that he worked on the first Crackdown and Crackdown 3 just didn't feel right so they are polishing it up.

ShottyatLaw150d ago

That was a good interview.

Aceman18150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Was nvr hyped about the game, just interested in campaign mode like the first game, now I don't care at all.

notachance150d ago

if anthem is anything decent cd3 will be destroyed by it anyway

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Bobafret150d ago

Thanks for your oh so original cloud comments.

BiggerBoss149d ago

He has a point though.

Maybe if Microsoft would stop lying and BS'ing, then we wouldn't have comments like these.

They talked about "Cloud Power" for years, and suddenly they're silent, and won't show anything.

I wonder why that is?

jmc8888150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

I still remember people saying this was going to be a fall 2014 release... or perhaps a ~March 2015 release. It was obvious it was never going to hit that.

Now it seems it'll hit an early 2019 release, with vastly scaled back destruction/cloud, despite also targeting two more powerful systems to use with X1X and PC.

TheCommentator150d ago

"with vastly scaled back destruction/cloud"


neutralgamer1992150d ago

Overall this will be 68-72/100 type game. What's truly sad is the best CD game is still the original CD

Ms have backed this game up and the developers have wasted so many resources

Jinger150d ago

"What's truly sad is the best CD game is still the original CD"

How about we wait to see what CD3 is packing before we make final comments like that.

TheCommentator150d ago

You're the one who's misleading people. CD3 was being developed alongside the technology that would drive the cloud-based physics. MS announced that work had started on the cloud and talked about what it could do for games once it was complete. Cloudgine wasn't even completed until last year, just before Epic bought the technology company. Do you have any proof of when MS said the cloud would be ready, or are you just complaining about CD3's recent delays?

You really can't declare MS' tactics as misleading until CD3 releases and we can see Cloudgine in action; you can't just assume it doesn't work. Seriously though, people want to hear about SP games from MS, yet when they stop talking up the cloud-physics in MP in favor of the campaign (which was started way later in CD3's development cycle) all of the sudden the cloud is a lie? You guys are just sad.

BiggerBoss149d ago

My God man, you just eat the PR up, don't you? And you call other people sad?

What about this game leads you to believe that it has insane destruction and physics due to "cloud power"??

They've shown NOTHING to demonstrate that, despite the game having multiple delays.

Bobafret149d ago

A surprising amount of luddites among the Sony faithful, that is until Sony announces cloud compute.

TheCommentator149d ago

@ BiggerBoss

Thanks for confirming just how ignorant you are and how little proof people like you have when you say $#!+.

TBH, they've shown plenty. Enough for Epic to want to purchase Cloudgine after the engine work was finished. Hell, Cloudgine was always talked about as a 3rd party solution anyways... meaning it will also work on the PS4 and other devices. MS just has better could services than Sony so it'll work better on Xbox.

UnSelf150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

I was Crackdown 3's biggest proponent and I have finally...FINALLY lost interest. Thanks to that last, lackluster trailer that simply showed an upgraded albeit even WORSE Crackdown 1.

and to think, i was going to buy an Xbox 1x for this. Anyone who knows me on this site knows how much i rooted for this game

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submarinna150d ago

this game still looks like a last gen game. now I understand where "crack downgrade" comes from.

Leeroyw150d ago

Agreed. I played one. Skipped two. Now I've moved to the competitor. Why would I come back for 3?

343_Guilty_Spark150d ago

Well I’ve actually plAyed the 4K version of the original Crackdown on my Xbox One X and I can say that the differentlce is night and day. It does not look like a last gen game. Crackdown 3 has significantly better antisoptric filtering, shadow quality, better draw distance,better lighting, more detailed character models and environments, better animations, smoke and particle effects. So you’re wrong.

trooper_150d ago

What about actual gameplay?


Mmmkay150d ago Show
Bhai150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

So your point is a gamer needs to have an xb1x and a 4K TV first to appreciate this game with 'almost' ZERO self-shadowing, ZERO skin detail (oh no we are not going to the super sub-surface scattering skins at all, we're still at a lower but bearable gears of war 4/5 quality skins to compare here) and FREAKIN' SPRITES for all the fires and explosion effects??? Hahaha, only gamers stuck in xb1-hell this gen would be desperate for such! .......

Clouds or not, The Order 1886 from 2014 on a 'SD' monitor (if that's even possible) would sh!te on it even being at 4K :D XD ;) ...

Bhai150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Yeah, the art style is a little changed, there is added fog (to hide the draw distance?), Terry Crew's model is in with still utter lack of skin detail or any other FX. There isn't an ounce of normal-mapping involved in the world and the trailer is 'Jam-Packed' with classic PS2 quality 'Sprite Based' fire and explosion effects hahaha...

Now, the funny thing is that, THIS model from a 12 years old, "600p" game from PS3, totally sh!tes over this xb1x 4KUHD offering hehehe:
or model details for that matter(even with youtube stretch ;) ):
And immense muscular self-shadowing:

150d ago
TheCommentator150d ago

Submarina: this game still looks like a last gen game
343: No, it looks a lot better
Trooper: what about gameplay?


First, gameplay is not graphics and 343 is right. Second, the gameplay looks better too with everything from the original games getting amped up. If you're a fan of chaos and mayhem what's not to like?

Hungryalpaca149d ago

So it has all the visual features of modern games...that doesn’t stop it from looking dated dude.

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TheCommentator150d ago

Oh, you're funny! Not like that funny "LOL" sort of way though. Funny like, "The lunchmeat in the fridge is no good any longer" sort of way. You know... festering, rancid, lingering, and totally worthless.

Bhai149d ago

Haaan??? I think 343 is a pretty funny dude, he just made satire out of that crap they've been trying to pull together since half a decade called CrackDown3, he just showed how it can't even stand upto whole decade old games... and you think he ain't funny!!!??? XD

Genuine-User150d ago

I lost all interest after the last trailer.

Profchaos150d ago

They really cranked up the cringe factor for that dialogue

gamer7804150d ago

going to be honest, this game seems mediocre at best. A bad game? No. A Good game? not really. I think its going to release to a bunch of 7/10's. I really hope for more for AAA titles.

343_Guilty_Spark150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

This game looks significantly better than it did last year as confirmed by Eurogamer. I’m cautiously optimistic that Sumo Digital (who has a good track record) will have this looking great by next year. We need to see more of the multiplayer destruction though.

Pretty sure my replies will be from certain petty individuals who will bring up power of the clouds because they hate Xbox and want to see this game fail. I think Crackdown 3 will be fun! It’s great it will on Game Pass too on day one.

Bhai150d ago

Yup, quite the game for the game-pass, exactly suiting there.
Actually MS' recent game-pass offerings are all 10$ worth stuff too, both in quality/value and in quantity... look at SoT: unfinished, empty; and SoD2: half-cooked, low gfx... so yeah CD3 is gonna shine amongst the brethren ;)

150d ago
Jinger150d ago

Will you still be saying that when Forza Horizon 4 hits GamePass? How about Ori 2 or Gears 5? You still going to use that "GamePass is only for crap games" shtick?

Bhai149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

High production value games will just have that 10$ 'paid demo' of selective features for sure. Ori/Ori 2 is far from a hardware intensive title... a 2D sprite-based game with hell of an art-style, but AAA? far from it ;)
The previous Ori didn't sell too much either, so, another suitable title for the game-pass.

Yeah Forza-Horizon 4 and Gears 5 are really something... So what if MS sacrifices some margin of these "FEW" and I mean "Really, Really FEW" titles through game-pass to promote the service? These are already gonna sell at retail more, they are the 'must-have' xb1 titles only if you already have one. So yeah, bulk of stuff on game-pass is gonna be crap! ... so far the only proof there is this :D

Muzikguy150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

I agree this is a perfect game for Game Pass. I wonder how long it will take before people start to realize the quality of games being offered on the service.

Not a petty comment here, but I’m not the one that was bragging up cloud tech trying to sell a console and have yet to produce. I’m glad that the truth has slowly come out though. These things should show people that a streaming future wouldn’t be a better one over what we have now

AgeInTheCage150d ago

If it looks like the game they showed for 1 minute at e3 its going to fail miserably, if thats all they could get out the might X then sumo should be fired.