Bloodborne Doesn't Need a Sequel

Bloodborne is a magnificent game that stands in the upper echelons of what gaming has achieved. So maybe we should just leave it alone.

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LG_Fox_Brazil182d ago

Off course it doesn't, but I still want one!

UltraNova182d ago needs one yesterday!!

Gamist2dot0182d ago

That's like saying Resident Evil, TLOU or Uncharted doesn't need a sequel. Many times sequels fail because they are handled by a different director, design team, writer or funds. But if the original team wants to make a sequal, I'd say go full speed!

porkChop182d ago

TLOU actually didn't need a sequel, though I'm still glad we're getting one. But the first game stood well on its own.

fewDankMemes182d ago

The first Uncharted was kinda meh.. So it really did need a sequel because it had a lot of unexplored potential.

BlackIceJoe182d ago

Just because Bloodborne doesn't need another game, doesn't mean a new one shouldn't come out. The last one was a blast and seeing what could be improved on the sequel would be amazing.

Kashima182d ago

Would love a new souls-like that plays similar to bloodborne with different themes like dark steampunk

Spurg182d ago

Of Miyazaki doesn't want to do it then shouldn't happen. The dark souls sequels were not needed. They were games that just showed what would happen if they strayed off the path of rekindling the flame. These games have a never ending sequence and Bloodborne is the same. All the great ones and their secrets are all on the table. I really don't know what Bloodborne 2 would provide if my they make a new one.
If people want Bloodborne 2 you won't really get anything new but the same ideas repeated.

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The story is too old to be commented.