John Smedley describes Sony lack of crossplay is "money"

Sony's stance on crossplay has been controversial and John Smedley (former CEO of Day Break Games Company) gives his take. It comes down to money and Sony not wanting Xbox players playing with PlayStation players.

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MuddyWaters154d ago

Not sure how it can be just about money if they are ok with you purchasing items on the PC or mobile. Sony needs to get with the times and stop being so petty.

Septic154d ago

They want to control spending in the console space. It's very obvious at this point.

UltraNova154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

How's that bad for Sony? Aren't they a business after all? At the end of the day us, the gamers not liking this, changes the fact that these corp's will always put yearly forcasts above everything else? Crossplay is not a smart move when you are on top. MS and Nintendo whould do the same if they had market control by that huge margin and that's just fact wether we like it or not.

Moreover, do we like the fact that MS screwed an entire gens worth of customers with virtually non existent 1st party support, even after the X was released? No we dont, but MS surely doesn't give a rats arse if we dont, dont they? Its business as usual down at Redmond as well.

Its high time we got over this and moved on. Lets compare and fight over what actually matters, games.

Septic154d ago

So you say:

"At the end of the day us, the gamers not liking this, changes the fact that these corp's will always put yearly forcasts above everything else?"

And then you say:

"Its high time we got over this and moved on. "

Why? You're a gamer not a corporation. And not all corporations are adopting this idiotic stance here.

Yes corporations will be corporations but you're prepared to 'get over this' then you surely won't be bothered by all the anti consumer moves by the likes of EA/Activision etc.

And you just contradicted yourself there:

"Moreover, do we like the fact that MS screwed an entire gens worth of customers with virtually non existent 1st party support, even after the X was released? No we dont, but MS surely doesn't give a rats arse if we dont, dont they? "

So you bring up MS's poor 1p output this gen then say if WE don't give a rats ass they won't. So here's proof right here that it's gamers giving a shit that made them reconsider their actions.

"Lets compare and fight over what actually matters, games."

Fortnite is a game. This is about games.

UltraNova154d ago

The gist here is that if you choose to buy a ps4 then you have more than enough players to paly your favorite online games. You knew that going in. It wasnt, isnt and will not be a standard feature on any console before or present. Sony did not promise anything then denied it.They still offer crossplay with PS on vastly more titles than MS and Nintendo combined nontheless. Its just I find it funny and entertaining that you lot latch on the only thing you believe you have over Sony. Its quite adorable but ultimately pathetic.

The fact alone you bring up EA/Activision's blatant money squeezing tacticts in the same vein as Sony not allowing cross platform gaming in certain titles is disgusting and diluted on your part and shows the depths you will sink to prove others wrong even when you far exceed logic and fact boundaries. I mean look how you used what I said about comparing games , whole games by simply twisting it and reducing it to a simple inconsequential feature like cross play...this delusion dear septic might work on others but not me so GG.

This conversation has run its course.

DialgaMarine154d ago

So Septic, where’s your outrage if MS denying crossplay, between PC players, with Steam? What about how they only put their games on the Windows Store? They force people to make a new account in order to play MS titles, and they can’t even play the shared ones with their friends on Steam. Gamers data also can’t transfer over between Windows and Steam. That’s supposed to be anti-consumer, isn’t it?

gamer7804154d ago

It's really sad when your company is more closed off than Apple.

morganfell154d ago


Off the top ropes with an atomic elbow smash. Epic post and undeniable truth.

154d ago
yomfweeee154d ago


It isn't a problem for Sony now because they were already dominating before this started to become a big discussion. But it doesn't look good for them. If Microsoft happens to announce a new me new exclusives for the next console, people could change their minds. Online gaming is growing and is much bigger than last gen. I still think Fortnite may cause Sony to change their policy.

RauLeCreuset154d ago


Funny how he became so passionate about "speaking truth" around the time MS made the issue a public relations talking point. Sony does not lock free to play behind a paywall like Xbox. Epic can access their greater user base and block them out of licensing fees for add-on sales they would have otherwise received by siphoning those customers off to a competing console, which would profit instead from those purchases. MS has less to lose and more to gain, having the smaller player pool, and unlike Sony they've already held the F2P game itself "hostage" to sell gold accounts. I'm sure Epic could easily transfer purchases from a locked account to a new one if they really wanted.

nicsaysdie154d ago

You seem like a really intelligent person. Sometimes though you really come off as anti Sony. I'm not saying I wouldn't love cross play, but where was all the backlash last gen for the Xbox camp? I'm not saying there wasn't any, but I don't remember even a fraction as much. Further more, all companies deny publishers certain things. Like rocket league, why can't I use my live ID login on my switch? I had an Xbox account, but then I wanted to play it on my switch away from the house. So why can't I if ms and Nintendo are so Gung ho for cross play? I know why, but do you. Here's a hint, it's about money.

MuddyWaters154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

"Its high time we got over this and moved on. Lets compare and fight over what actually matters, games."

You're missing the point. This is not about crossplay. It's about a free to play game where Sony is blocking you from playing that account on another console even if that account was not created on PSN. You also don't have to purchase any content and Sony is still blocking it. They just don't want you to use your Epic account if it has ever been connected to PSN. It's Sony's version of DRM which is ironic seeing how they made a joke about used games and DRM on the original plans of the Xbox One at the beginning of this generation.

So yes, let's do talk about games, in this case it's a game called Fortnite and the continued games Sony is playing. Only the most loyal Sony fan would support such a move.

Septic154d ago

"The fact alone you bring up EA/Activision's blatant money squeezing tacticts in the same vein as Sony not allowing cross platform gaming in certain titles is disgusting and diluted on your part and shows the depths you will sink to prove others wrong even when you far exceed logic and fact boundaries. "

This is such a stupid comment. "Disgusting and diluted?" Goes to show that you don't have the intellectual capacity to debate this a in a proper manner and that your devotion to all things Sony is scary.


"So Septic, where’s your outrage if MS denying crossplay, between PC players, with Steam? What about how they only put their games on the Windows Store? They force people to make a new account in order to play MS titles, "

"Forcing" players to make an account with them so that they can play MS titles? That's your argument of an anti-consumer practice? Talk about grasping with straws.

MS should allow xplay with Steam users but you're telling me they cant even feature their games in their own marketplace?? How hilarious that this is anti-consumer but Sony's policy of denying users from using a THIRD PARTY account on other consoles because they simply logged in once on theirs is astounding.

@morganfell- More mindless shilling


"Sony does not lock free to play behind a paywall like Xbox"

Xbox needs to change that policy for sure.

"I'm sure Epic could easily transfer purchases from a locked account to a new one if they really wanted."

Oh really? You know this how? everyone else, PC, Nintendo and Xbox are playing ball. But you want to detract from Sony.

The next time ANY of you guys open your traps to talk about EA/Activision OR ANY other anti-consumer policy I will remind you of your stance here. The zeal with which you are protecting Sony, making excuses and defending the indefensible is ridiculous.

The spectrum of laughable excuses so far:

1. Bbbut Xbox is forcing Xbox Live- Complete utter BS that has been constantly spouted despite exampels to the contrary

2. Sony asked MS for Xplay in the past! Sony never asked MS. MS denied it in the past sure and whilst they were wrong- you cannot tell me with a straight face that last gen, with its paltry PSN service that Sony was well equipped to be catered for.

3. Sony gamers dont care for this! No, the N4G community with the most toxic and hardened Sony fans is not reflective of the whole Sony community (thank God!) Despite the fact that all forums are going mad on it, mainstream news are reporting on it and Sony's shares dipped as a result of this, people still mindlessly defend Sony.

4. its Epic's fault. Despite the truth staring at you in the face, you still blame others. And outside of this issue, how many devs have pointed at Sony for its policy here? The list goes on.

Deaf. Dumb. Blind

UltraNova154d ago (Edited 154d ago )


No I'm not missing the point you are my friend because cross play is not a prerequisite. Its was not promised (even for Fortnite) and it should never have been expected by anyone let alone demanded because the other two platform holders need the increased player pool to boost theirs.

Do I agree with this? No! Dont I want all MP games to have cross play? Yes I do! But I also choose to live in the real world where I understand that Corps, especially the ones who lead, have their own agenda and self interests to protect wether I like it or not. I'm not giving up by accepting the truth or by stating it here as I'm not the one who makes these decisions. Thats the truth.

PS: to be frank as a ps4 onwner i dont care about cross play, I never have to wait in line to get in on a match especially on Fortinite, hell I dont even care if all MP games crush and burn so thats that.


Its called selective memory...

gangsta_red154d ago (Edited 154d ago )


The fact that these guys have to scramble to find something on Nintendo and Xbox to try and deflect the argument shows just how stupid the thinking is around here.

If you all are saying how bad those examples are, then how in the hell can you sit here and say it's okay for Sony to do this?

And who is saying that MS locking F2P games behind a pay wall isn't bad?

You diehards are looking for all other types of outrage except the one that is going on right here and now and it's hilarious to see most of you digging for defense.

Septic is spot on with his EA/Activision/MS comment because I garuntee the next GaaS, MT article that pops up most of you here will turn your fight the power mode on and start begging people to "vote with their wallets" and not support "greedy tactics".

But now let's just remember that those types of decisions are a business too, they have the right to do as they please and then I can also say, "Where were you during the whole crossplay/epic account fiasco?"

Seems legit.

xRacer74x154d ago

Kind of funny. I have zero trust in Sony when it comes to my money.

r2oB154d ago

So septic acknowledges that Microsoft needs to change their policy of locking F2P games behind paywall, yet it only gets one sentence? Where are the articles demanding them change such an "anti consumer" policy? He writes paragraphs complaining about Sony, but only a sentence about Microsoft not allowing players to play a free game without shelling out money. What's worse, not being able to play with a certain competiting console or not being able to play a game at all? Hmm.

Depriving your userbase of compelling games for a number of years is pretty anti consumer, yet Microsoft had done it twice now. Purchasing 5 studios is a good thing, but Xbox One gamers won't reap those benefits. Not to mention Phil already confirmed development of a new console only 8 months after the release of the X. This pretty much shows where their focus is, once again abandoning their current gen console in leiu of the next one. For the second time. Go complain to Microsoft about those "anti consumer" practices. It's ok though since they let you play your old games and like cross play, right?

You guys mention Sony gamers deflecting issues, but that's all certain Microsoft fanatics are doing with this cross play non sense. Deflecting from more pressing, real issues plaguing the Xbox One.

OffRoadKing154d ago

Its very obvious you're an xbox fanboy.

RauLeCreuset153d ago


"Oh really? You know this how?"

Because Epic can set the price on their content, including making it available for free for anyone who purchased it on a locked account, and the account they gift the content to would not be restricted by any compliance standard with PS4, as those accounts aren't linked to PS4. Are you serious with that question? Seemed rather obvious.

"everyone else, PC, Nintendo and Xbox are playing ball. But you want to detract from Sony. "

The same restrictions apply going from a Switch linked account to PS4. But I'm sure you're right, only Sony does this stuff, and we're the fanboys and fangirls looking to detract from an issue that was a non-issue until MS needed a PR strategy that revolved around something other than their lacking lineup.

r2oB read you your rights. You and Gangsta have earned your reputations here. I can't believe you had the audacity to threaten to call someone else out for perceived hypocrisy. How many times have I asked you to show you were all over this topic just as much before MS made it a talking point? You're never able to. Do we even need to bring up your documented flip-flop on exclusives? Your game is apparent and sad. You're like a vulture awaiting anything you can use to attack PS, and you immediately divide in to seize upon it. But if it's MS you figure some weak acknowledgement and move on will fool people who see you going in over and over again when it's Sony.

Septic153d ago (Edited 153d ago )


"Funny how he became so passionate about "speaking truth" around the time MS made the issue a public relations talking point"

Oh how do you know? Your account is only a 180 days odd old? Care to spill the beans on what your primary account was? Does it start with 'G' by any chance? Don't try and launder your BS as Genuine here.

Lmao that YOU guys think you're in the majority. Your shameful behaviour is at odds with the vast majority of people think.

Go on resetera. Go on reddit. Go on the bloody news.

"You and Gangsta have earned your reputations here. I can't believe you had the audacity to threaten to call someone else out for perceived hypocrisy."

Perceived hypocrisy?! Lol!

Skull521153d ago

I’ve played on both networks, with the same games. The Xbox community in general is a far more skilled group of players. Sony has good reason to not want this to happen.

Cross play would be letting the foxes loose in the hen house.

PSN users would play less because it wouldn’t be fun for them to get owned 24/7, and that isn’t good for business.

153d ago
RauLeCreuset153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

"Oh how do you know? Your account is only a 180 days odd old? Care to spill the beans on what your primary account was? Does it start with 'G' by any chance? Don't try and launder your BS as Genuine here."

We've actually already been over how I know, whether I had an older account, and what the name was (Take off the Rau). It's funny you're pretending that didn't happen. Are you really going to make me produce the receipts? It's sad that this level of disingenuous trolling is what you aspire to on a daily basis.

kayoss153d ago

Where were the criticism when Sony approached microsoft about crossplay and microsoft turn them down several times. Septic, your bias is very obvious and I can guarantee you that if I go back to your comment history, I can find you defending microsoft.

WelkinCole153d ago

Ffs no one ever bought a console to play with other players on other consoles.

If any of you xbox fans have any ounce of integrity you would admit that none of you also bought a xbox to play with PS players online

This is getting ridiculous. Its like suddenly you all forgot about last gen when Sony proposed the same to MS and MS turned Sony down.

The big difference this time is that Sony fans then never gave a dam nor whine about it like you lots are now like crybabies. In fact most PS players never even cared as many of them never wanted to play with whiny xboxlive players anyways

If I wanted to play with xbox players online I would buy an xbox.This is the established convention same as if I want to play Halo and other xbox exclusives before the PC share or whatever.

This is what MS wanted last gen and why they said no to Sony so that people will buy their console if they want to play other xbox gamers. Same thing now with Sony while they are on top and you can bet your ass MS would not allow it if they are on top next time.

So lets recap

1. This feature no PS fans are asking for it or cared about even last gen. If any of you have any actual survey to counter this I am all ears

2. Its an established business norm in consoles which is why we have multiple consoles and specific exclusives. PSN gaming community IS and exclusive feature for Sony to leverage for their business. Same thing MS did last gen and why they turned down Sony's request.

3. It is business. Every PS gamer is an investor in Sony and in particularly PS gaming. It is in our interest that Sony leverage whatever advantage they have that puts them ahead of everyone because in doing so means our investment is safe as well. Same reason why the majority care about console sales or game sales. If the console is not selling it will end up like the dreamcast. No one wants their console investment to end up like the dreamcast

Really this is not rocket science. It's maddening though how many so called journalist and xbox fans conveniently ignore common sense just so they can whine online about this.

URNightmare153d ago

Microsoft didn't want to do it last gen for the same reasons Sony won't do it now and that is very understandable.

SirBradders153d ago

@Septic cross play for a game like fortnite has more impact on people speaking out simply because it is a massive game.

Is it a deal breaker, No. Why, because all my friends game on ps4. Would it be a bonus, yes because I could take a switch round to my mates house and play.

Notice how Xbox isn't mentioned in the above.

P. S. Theres nothing stopping me from taking my ps4 round my bro's house. Or just staying at home and playing online.

Again notice how the link there is the switch portability. Again there is no benefit for Sony cross playing with MS.

If Sony was to allow crossplay I would say the smartest decision would be just to do it with the switch, just as Xbox have done. Then there is no argument because fundamentaly they have done the same thing Ms have done.

DialgaMarine153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

@Septic Wow, way to be just such shill who’s completely full of crap. At no point in my question did I say MS can’t sell their own games on their own marketplace, but of course you made that part up to try and detract because you couldn’t give me a real answer if you tried. My point is MS doesn’t put their games on Steam, nor do they allow cross play between Steam and Windows for the many games that do happen to be on both. If you’re a primarily Steam user, but want to Play Gears 4, you have to make another account on Windows Live to buy do so. Is any of this starting to sound familiar to you? Do you not see the obvious paralells? You’re criticizing Sony for doing something “Anti-consumer”, yet refuse to call out MS for doing the exact same thing. Why don’t you just own up to your fanboyism, and stop acting like you’re “Pro-gamer”; you’re only Pro-MS/ Xbox, and you know it.

Godmars290153d ago

No. They want to control access to the console space. No different than when they made PS2 and PS3 architecture harder to work with in order to make porting harder to do. Only now its not only a more an overt burn, it directly effects and punishes consumers.

Never been a real fan of online, but even I call this BS that it is.

Realms153d ago

Right septic because MS doesn't want the same thing, who monetized an online service first? To my knowledge playing online is still free on PC. MS also wants to lock you into their ecosystem so what's your point.

Edito153d ago

Is that a bad reason to block the feature?

I wish they block forever and get back to it the day MS has the larger install base.

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butchertroll154d ago

Why buy item on Xbox and use that item on PlayStation when you can buy an item on PlayStation and uset it on, guess what, PlayStation. That's why reason is the money.

Kribwalker154d ago

but in this case you can buy that item on PC or Mobile and use it on a switch and xbox too without your account being locked out. but if you tried it just that one time on PS4 your account will be held hostage

zerocarnage153d ago

Friends dude it's about what friends you have to play games with co op or multiplayer at the time.

If I have at 9 in the morning a few friends on PlayStation to game with then in the afternoon some American friends come online on Xbox then it makes sense to increase the people I connect with on games by buying content twice or thrice over.

Edito153d ago

PC and mobile are competing for the same demographic and space with Playstation, simple as that, gamers can have a playstation and pc or mobile but me for example I have a PC, PS4 Pro and Mobile and don't see the need to have a Xbox.

cyber_daemonx154d ago

Seems the only people moaning about this are the fanatx lol. Which is the more important priority for Sony, cross play or new ip's. Most people would choose new ip's every time. Its just another stick to bash Sony with. Maybe the xbox fanboys would be better off complaining to ms about their paltry 1st party portfolio than this nice but inessential feaure, fat chance of that though.

omegaheat154d ago

Another stick to bash Sony?? Do you hear yourself? I've seen article after article that criticized everything Xbox whether it was good or bad. If it's bad, then that's justified. But if Sony is blocking this feature with no legitimate explanation, it seems a bit arbitrary. I think some games should be crossplay but not all of them. Bomberman would be cool.

cyber_daemonx154d ago

No legitimate reason. Really. The last thing Sony wants is anything to do with ms. Last gen it was ms who said no but now the boot is on the other foot different story. Its not arbitrary its logical considering how ms operate. Tbh a lot of the stick ms receive is well merited and for more genuine reasons than cross play. What I dont get is why the fanatx are so desperate for cross play with playstation apart from the reason I said. Its just more bullcrap to bash Sony with.

MuddyWaters154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Funny, since this became a big issue once Fortnite was released on Switch. Now anyone who ever played on PSN is locked out from carrying over the game. This is a free to play game and you don't even have to purchase anything and your account is still locked out by Sony. Even if you started playing Fortnite on another system besides the PS4. This is more than just crossplay. It's your inability to even play the game on another system. Do you comprehend?

Almost every person on this site who is supporting this move by Sony because they can't stand Microsoft. How sad is that.

zerocarnage153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

It's not actually there are many annoyed people complaining over Sony's anti stance of this.

To me the ones that are defending it are the ones that would stand by the side of a corp who would begrudge other gamers of choices whether it to be gaming with others or using accounts freely on other platforms.

What gets me is Sony are basically saying no to it, all in aid of stopping someone leaving say fortnite on Xbox after playing with friends and going to the store and buy something there but that can actually work the other way around also..

Restrictions, Sony have clearly stated now that they will restrict it's users despite the good what can come from it in alot of ways.

I actually have friends and a couple of family members who have a ps3 and 4, yet Sony blocking this stops me from ever being able to game with any of them all because of greed and not thinking of gamers in every direction.

I see lots of pros in cross play for gamers but I never see any cons only for sony itself and no wonder I moved away from the ps3.

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trooper_154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

And all of you need to stop whining.

Sony is a business, not a charity.

Oh look, I struck a nerve. You know, maybe Sony should hand out free studios to Microsoft and Nintendo too because they're buddy old pals in the world of business!

Kribwalker154d ago


This is on the same level as MS xbox reveal with a 24hr check in, one that was beaten to death, yet now, we should just suck it up and move on.

It’s not gonna happen. It’s gotten too big now and at some point Sony is gonna have to address it one way or another.

They are taking your rights away as a gamer. But since it’s sony it’s ok to just take it 🤣

trooper_154d ago

Krib: Where were any of you last gen harping over cross play?

...I'll wait.

gangsta_red153d ago


Where were you during the crossplay fiasco last gen? What was your original account during that and the Xbox DRM reveal?

trooper_153d ago

Real classic gangsta, answer a question with a question.

Keep up that fake uproar over crossplay. I'm sure Sony will completely stop running their company to cater to the whiners.

Kribwalker153d ago


I wasn’t on this site but i’ve been saying the same thing since the xbox/ps2 days. Crossplay gaming should be a thing online. At the start of last gen FF11 was xbox 360/ps2/pc crossplay. I would have loved that to continue

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Malice-Flare154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

@MuddyWaters ask MS to stop putting Fornite under XBL Gold, then it'll be fair game to pressure Sony to get on with cross-play. Fortnite on PS4 is F2P and not under PS+, any cut they get is from MTs...

you can bet that Nintendo will have Fornite under its online subscription, unless they announce it's not...

154d ago
badz149154d ago


get with the times? LOL

OK while you're at it, why don't you ask MS to put all their PC games on Steam too and allow crossplay between their servers and Steam? oh, and EA too, why not collaborate Origin and Steam? it just criminal because Sony don't wanna play with MS and Nintendo?

MuddyWaters154d ago

It is criminal that Sony thinks they own your Fortnite account. It doesn't matter if you bought anything on Switch or Xbox One, once it's linked to PSN Sony then blocks it from ever being played on Switch and Xbox One. This is a free to play game. There doesn't even have to be anything purchased. Do you get it?

You could start your account on PC, buy an item on Mobile then play it on PS4. Sony has no problem with that. They will however block you from playing that same account to play on Switch or Xbox One. What right do they have?

You could also start your account on Mobile, never purchase anything, then play on PSN. Buy a Switch later on and try and play your Fortnite account on it. No can do! Sony don't want you taking your free to play game to Switch or Xbox One. Even if that account was not created on PSN. It just has to be connected one time to PSN and Sony gets their DRM footprints on it.

Does this sound reasonable to anyone? The attitude around here seems to be, well I just don't like Microsoft therefore I don't care.

SenorFartCushion154d ago

It's a conglomerate.....

... It's ALL about money.

TheDriz154d ago

Pc isn’t the competition

D3TH_D33LR154d ago

But PC and mobile is a market they’re not trying the monopolize. Consoles are. Why allow people to play with their friends no matter what console it is when it’s your job to sell hardware and bring in psn subscriptions. If anything Xbox should fork over some cash to Sony to get into its player base so Xbox’s player count doesn’t fall to the point where games become forgotten

MuddyWaters154d ago

2 million people already downloaded Fortnite on Switch in the first 24 hours but if you want to continue to put all your efforts onto Microsoft go right ahead. It seems to be the common theme around here.

sprinterboy154d ago

They don't have to you know, Sony are not sheep. I coundnt give too fucks tbh.

zerocarnage153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

He went on to say that Sony does not like the idea of a Sony player being able to log in say through an Xbox and playing some fortnite then pretty much coming out of that and going and buying something on Xbox, which is a very anti consumer approach if you ask me and it's blocking people's options in alot of ways..

Let the fanboy disagrees begin, but deny it all you like in this day an age crap like this should be extinct it feels abit like fascism..

Yetter153d ago

It's bad for gamers, bad for developers and bad for the industry

littlezizu153d ago

Fortnite and other free to play game are actually free on ps4 while it requires gold subscription on Xbox, yet no media seem to cover this. So MS needs to get with times and drop gold requirement for ftp games

xfiles2099153d ago

Its not it is about Sony not wanting to Share their algorithm with other Consoles You people really need to get over this Cross Play crap with Sony

neutralgamer1992153d ago

i don't believe that for a damn second. Here is something media won't tell because right now it's the cool thing to hate on ps4

PS4 has more cropss play titles than xbox and switch combined(ps4 offers cross play with PC). PS3 had cross play that is why FF14 online came to PS but not xbox360 because MS refused to offer cross play. PS4 lets you play FREE TO PLAY games without requiring psn-plus(something you can't do on xbox

as a business sony has nothing to gain by offering cross play with xbox or switch. They want people to buy a ps4 to play games on it so they can make money on hardware and software. If you beliecve after E3 that MS had the best conference and sony sucked but you you stay neutral and look at it than sony still showed more AAA exclusives than both MS and nintendo combined but their presentation sucked. But are you gonna play presentation on xbox or swithc or games?

sony will never do cross play with Nintendo and MS and here are 2 simple reasons:

MS refused to do cross play with ps3 last gen when sony was all in. BIll gates approved original concept of OGF xbox because he wanted to run PS out of business

Nintendo had a deal with sony to do a console before ps1 but than they backed out and sony made Ps1 and rest everyone knows. So to say the least the history between these companies says sony wants no part of either as they are the market leader and doi have cross play with PC

Realms153d ago

LOL. Yet Sony fans really don't care it's xbox fanboys crying over and over. If enough PS gamers made enough noise or started to boycott Sony would change their tune but we don't care so Sony feels no need to address the issue. Again MS fanboys using the guise of betterment of the community for gamers to have cross play but we all know what's motivating MS and it ain't the love they have for gamers. MS loves PR antics this is just another one they are trying to throw shade at Sony, some developers have stated they would like cross play a cross the board and that's find and dandy we know why they want that exposure to their games but from a business stand point it makes no sense for Sony to agree to this when they already have cross play with the largest audience PC and PS4.

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zsquaresoff154d ago

Just concentrate on the exclusives Sony, don't bother with the "crossplay" garbage

morganfell154d ago

Exactly. And Smedley, now irrelevant has an ax to grind against Sony.

MuddyWaters154d ago

Axe to grind? Just like Greg Miller who is a Sony guy? Watch this video below and then tell me who has an axe to grind. He doesn't even care about crossplay, he just wants to play Fortnite on Switch. What Sony is doing is having the exact opposite impact, he now doesn't want to play it on PS4. That isn't an axe to grind, it's the reality of Sony's stupid decisions they think help them.

If this was Microsoft blocking third party accounts from being able to play on PS4 or Switch you guys would be all over it.

russo121153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

I'm very happy there's no xplay between other console vendors , Sony can't be connected to sub-par platform's (not talking about pc). They are at their own league and all of my friends are on PS.
MS is insignificant outside US.

kayoss153d ago

You can play fortnite on switch, just create a new account. How is that different from call of duty, battlefield, destiny, etc...?? You act like Sony ban you from playing fortnite if you play on PS4.

neutralgamer1992153d ago


I just find it funny since E3 so much hate for Sony and ps4 and watch it outsell the switch and Xbox one again


The same greg Miller who threw Colin under the bus and became a celebrity more than trying to stick by his friend

morganfell153d ago


Agreed. Because it always comes back to the games. Exclusive games. Not just multiplatform trailer tomfoolery. And there is much more to come from Sony as they are doubling down on games.

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343_Guilty_Spark154d ago

Fornite is more popular than Sony’s best exclusives

AspiringProGenji154d ago

Because it is the new fad. God of War is coexisting and selling well with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s more popular than even MS and Nintendo exclusives

DialgaMarine154d ago

Fortnite is more popular than anything ever on Xbox. What’s your point?