E3 Preview: GunGrave VR - Hey Poor Player

Is GunGrave VR really sacrilege? Well, no, it just doesn't stand out even in VR. Anthony gets into his first VR experience here.

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Apocalypse Shadow153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

It's tough to say one way or the other on what to think of this article. This guy says he's never played in vr. So, it's hard to take his impressions as something to take in.

But at the same time,he's right in that not having RED do it is not a good sign. Splitting 1st and 3rd person would be jarring. And although the old games were quick,stylish arcade shooters,they were shallow and not deep like devil may cry.

Guess I just need to demo it myself to know. Love the anime. Brandon Heat/Gungrave is a bad @ss. So I'm hoping for the best. And I still got gungrave overdose.