Our thoughts about Nintendo's E3 conference

E3 has been and gone, and we have some thoughts about Nintendo's conference, including their reveals... and their lack of.

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JaguarEvolved63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

It was pure rubbish, but I'm quite sure some will spin it to make it seem better than it was.

Neonridr62d ago

Smash is pure rubbish now? I mean jesus Jaguar, I know you are a Sony devout cult follower, but you really need to open your eyes and recognize good games once and a while, even if they aren't on your precious Playstation. Smash was easily one of the best games of E3, too bad your narrow views won't allow yourself to comprehend that simple fact.

marloc_x61d ago Show
Prince_TFK61d ago

By now people should just ignore people like Jaguar, Chrisx, Foxtrox, and chiller on Nintendo article. They spew nothing but hatred and nonsense.

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SPTMN61d ago

Everything they showed had gameplay including the new announcements. It was clearly the best format for presenting what they had to show too.

paintedgamer198461d ago

It was the worst out of the big 3. There was no wow moments, metroid prime 4, or bayonetta... they could have actually appeased me by announcing a metroid prime trilogy remastered for the switch but naww we got 17 minutes of a game they know will sell a metric ton.

Neonridr61d ago

you forget that Nintendo doesn't rely on E3. They sing to their own tune, and have directs multiple times a year.

paintedgamer198461d ago (Edited 61d ago )

How can i forget when the topic is "nintendos e3"... not "our thoughts about nintendos supposed direct later in the year" so youre off topic. And youre also talking about supposeds and maybes

For fncks sake i hope at these directs i see some games im actually excited for that we dont know about. I want to see new ips! As for the topic at hand... it was very underwhelming. And i used to be a huge nintendo fan. They could do no wrong back in the day in my eyes.

Prince_TFK61d ago


And back in the day they had also relied on their existing IPs and rarely release new IPs. So what is so wrong today compared back to those old days?

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michellelynn097661d ago

You said Nintrndo was the worst and I whole heartedly disagree. Sony was garbage this year.

paintedgamer198461d ago

Nintendo was the worst. I expected bayo 3 and mp4... sony said spider man, got, ds, and lou2. Thats what they showed. Only nintendo fans say nintendo had the best e3. Its sickening. I actually say ms won.

michellelynn097661d ago

Nope. Smash, Fire Emblem, DXM, MP, Pokemon etc. Games you can play soon. So you're wrong. Sony blew and Nintendo actually had a good one. Sony showed nothing.

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michellelynn097661d ago

@Chaosblades how on earth are you still here? These comments don't belong here.