5 crazy ideas for the PS5 launch (That probably will not happen)

"What do gamers enjoy doing when something new is announced? We love to speculate. We search out the rumors. We wish upon on a star for incredible features. So why shouldn’t we have a little fun with some crazy ideas for the PlayStation 5. Now remember, these ideas or thoughts are just that and nothing more. Well… maybe some wishful thinking."

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Eonjay178d ago

Backwards compatibility for ALL previous consoles:
I doubt even the most powerful computer can do the PS3, but PS4 is certain so I will take that.

Under 400 price tag:
Very likely

4TB of Storage:
Now you just artificially inflating the price. Why not ask for a 5TB SSD while you are at it. Let people who want it buy that but don't make everyone pay more.

PSN Name Change:
Very likely

Final PS console:
This doesn't make sense because even if you could swap parts, eventually even interface connections would reach a limit.

I_am_Batman177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

"5. Backwards compatibility for ALL previous consoles"

This is my number one most wanted feature for the PS5. Emulation of PS3 games is still tricky but with a much better CPU in the PS5 Sony should be able to pull it of if they prioritise it. If they decide to go for full bc I hope that they make it work with digitally bought games from the get go. Would be great to have all of my PS games I ever bought all playable on the same console.

"4. Under 400 price tag"

This might be a bit controversial but I really don't want this to happen. $400 was a ridiculously low price for launching a future proofed console in 2013. In 2020 it'll be impossible to launch a console for under $400 that isn't extremely outdated from day one. Considering that Sony and MS will have much more powerful options for CPU to choose from this time around I think that the PS5 will cost $500. I'd actually like it to cost much more than that and be more powerful but I do realise that anything above $500 will probably result in a negative reaction (which honestly is a mystery to me considering people have no problem spending up to 1k for smartphones.).

"3. 4 Terabytes of storage"

This is definitely possible. It obviously depends on the time the console launches. The price per Gigabyte would have to go down to about 0.75cent/GB for that to happen. With 4k gaming being the focus for next gen, game size will increase even further so 4TB would definitely help with that.

"2. PSN name change"

I'm surprised this is still not a thing that exists. I personally don't care about that at all but Sony should implement that options for people that do. I should mention that this has nothing to do with the hardware so they wouldn't need to wait for next gen to implement PSN name change.

"1. The final PlayStation console"

This is not happening. Even if Sony design the PS5 to be upgradable it still won't be the last console. At some point you'll reach the limits of the initial design and upgrades become less efficient. PCs are upgradable and you still have to go for a new mobo after a couple of years.

Kokyu177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

If the Ps5 isnt back compat to Ps4 that will be a big problem moving forward for Sony.

The Ps5 could easily but 400$ minimum but nothing less than 400$. I would venture to say most people expect 400-450$ at launch I feel 500 is a nonstarter. Given that the console will launch with a most likely first gen Ryzen 3 or 5 and Navi 400 to 450$ is doable given the large number of units Sony would purchase.

Name change again a big problem if they dont do it.

It will not be the final Ps console that final console gen nonsense is just that nonsense its like they were saying CD's would be killed by MP3 well they still make CDs hell they just stopped making casskets like a couple years ago and fhey have even started making records again after being discontinued for the last 20yrs or so. Until internet speeds are more stable world wide and data caps are a thing of the past all streaming games is still I feel 10-15yrs away. The steam model may work but honestly Id rather not.

JonTheGod177d ago

First and foremost:


Bobafret177d ago

Announce that it is in stores and available at e3 2019 lol.