Assassin's Creed Odyssey Is The Deepest and Most Fun Game In The Series Yet, Says Director

Scott Phillips, Game Director for Assassin's Creed Odyssey at Ubisoft Quebec, explained why this will be the deepest and most fun game yet.

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TheOptimist155d ago

When will people realize that these are just buzz words ;-;

yoshatabi155d ago

Of course the director would say that

Myst-Vearn155d ago

I enjoyed AC:O but thing is, it just doesn't have AC feel anymore. I replayed AC2 later and man that game is a masterpiece. I really hope they can make another entry in the franchise as good as AC2 and not just turn the series into an RPG.

Alexious155d ago

They have to improve on the story, I agree.

starchild155d ago

I think AC2 is overrated. It was good for its time, but there are several AC games since then that I greatly prefer.

victorMaje155d ago

Replayed AC2 lately & now Brotherhood (personal favorite).
To me those 2 games will always be what AC is all about. Nothing comes close, maybe Black Flag.

rakentaja155d ago

Director says, ofc he says...

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