Microsoft all but ignored its biggest advantages against Sony at E3

Ben Kuchera of Kotaku writes, "Microsoft did a pretty good job talking about why the Xbox platform was going to be better in the future, but why wasn’t the fact that — at least visually — the Xbox One X is the best right now?
It’s true that raw power won’t win a console generation, and it may not even tip the scales. But the difference in power between a PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X isn’t just an issue of numbers on the spreadsheet; players who are picky about performance and resolution are going to want to buy their multi-platform releases on Xbox One X."

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maybelovehate183d ago

They did point out that all the multi-platform games would be best on console on the X.

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Eonjay183d ago

You are correct. Polygon is incorrect here. I mean what did they want them to do: have Digital Foundry come out on stage with 300% zoomed imaged?

UltraNova183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Funny thing is that I would put money on the table for anyone who could spot an X game running on the same tv side by side with an xb1S...same goes for the Pro/ps4. A fact made abundantly clear to me the other day when I was at an electronics shop where they had both an xb1s and and X on two identical sumsung 4k tvs...

starchild182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Oh the ol' 300% zoomed-image-is-the-only-way-y ou'll-see-it nonsense. Good job. I was waiting for someone to pull that one out.

It's commonly used to try to downplay PC advantages as well. Unfortunately it's a load of bunk. Anybody with a working set of eyes can easily notice such differences.

UltraNova182d ago


Funny thing is that when you try so hard to make a fact out of a strictly subjective matter (perceptiple difference between iterative consoles) the joke's on you.

starchild182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Nevermind. It's not worth discussing. I forgot which site I'm on.

The 10th Rider182d ago


To be fair, it's really going to depend on the TV you've got. If anyone's using anything less than a 55", unless they're using it as a monitor, there's really no need for a Pro or an X. However if someone's got a 75" 4K TV and they've got a viewing distance of like 8 feet, the difference between the base consoles and the premium ones should be noticeable by pretty much anyone who's got a good set of eyes.

itsmebryan182d ago

It's not just how it looks it is how it runs. 60+ frames per second beats 30 frames in the why the game feels and response. That is another big plus for the X1X you can choose 60 fps and I love that.

UltraNova182d ago

@ 10th rider

They had two same model/year 55 QLED Samsung tvs side by side. One was displaying gears and the other forza. They switched to forza on both upon request by a couple guys there. Thats what cought my attention. I swear the difference was virtually non existent...


I can't disagree with that but since when do all games run at a stable 60fps on the X? I must have missed that.

The 10th Rider182d ago


Yeah, like I said a 55" is about the cutoff point. You really need like a 75" for it to be a stark difference.

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UCForce182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

If you want to have a best version on multiplatform, that would be on PC. As for resolutions and performance, the game have to be good. Sea of Thieves and State Of Decay 2 have better resolution and better performance on Xbox One X, but two games are mediocre at best. PS4 Pro is weaker than Xbox One X, but games like God Of War and Detroit Become Human have more visuals appealing than two MS games, but God Of War and Detroit Become Human are also both high quality games. The thing is that MS really need to bring high quality game. I know Forza Horizon 4 is coming this year and I know the game will be great but that’s only one game this year and it’s not enough. Spider Man is coming in September 9th and people have played the game at E3 booth have been impressed.

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PhoenixUp182d ago

Cuz people care more about games than they do specific specs.

It’s not like XOX can run games that base model PS4s can’t

Jaypi03182d ago

You may have a point, but when the game is multiplatform the first thing people run to is comparing frames per second and graphics, as if it really matters that heavily on console.

Bathyj182d ago

But the point is why would I spend $650 Australian to play slightly better looking versions of games I can play already?

I wouldn't.

I would only pay that to play awesome games I can't play now. Unfortunately for Microsoft not enough of them exist for me to drop half a weeks pay on a console I don't need.

yeahright2181d ago

Only the hardcore and fanboys. the vast, overwhelming majority just buy it on the system they already own.

SurgicalMenace182d ago

Actually they don't. They go to what they already own. These statements are spoken assuming that a person is purchasing a new system with every new game they buy. When a game comes out, the first thing checked is if their system supports it. Specs are for new system adopters, so with the numbers how they are it would seem that specs make up a small minority. If your statement were true, the Xbox 1 X would be outselling the PS4 after its release.

Jaypi03182d ago

- He says from his Windows PC. (probably)

JackBNimble182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

He could be on any number of devices other then windows or pc.
Good job assuming though... Lol
I also disagree with his statement.

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