Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age E3 Preview - Maybe the Best Thing Ever | MonsterVine

MonsterVine: "At E3 I had the chance to play Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, the latest mainline Dragon Quest game. Somehow the demo I played managed to meet my ridiculously high expectations, which is no small feat."

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kalkano96d ago

"The music is also of high quality, though this is likely no surprise to series fans. I’d go so far as to say that Dragon Quest XI might boast the best main battle theme in the series."

That actually does come as a surprise to me. I say that because, as hyped as I am to play the game, the soundtrack definitely comes off as the weakest aspect of the game, and I'm thinking it might be time for Sugiyama to call it quits ("blasphemous" as that may sound). I haven't heard it all, but what I have heard sounds pretty bland. For the battle theme, I personally love 5's the most, followed by 3 and 4.

Tapani96d ago

I enjoyed the original midi soundtrack with my wife. I played the PS4 Pro version, and she finished the 3DS version, pretty much at the same time last summer. The game is good, particularly in the story and length, and the system is not bad either. It is a very classic Dragon Quest game, much more than say DQIX or DQVIII. Don't expect a game with all the bells and whistles, because you will be getting a very traditional game. However, it is a high 8 or low 9, but doesn't have the same impact which Nier for example had, or Dark Souls in regards to gameplay mechanics.

The characters are brilliant in DQXI, and that's the reason I will be replaying it probably a year or so from now. Maybe then there's a good post-game dungeon and stuff to do at the end instead of just collecting stuff or doing relatively pointless minigames, or quests. DQXI is not an evolution, but a very typical DQ game, close to DQI - DQIV era, with new graphics and a worthwhile story.

kalkano96d ago

Yeah, the gameplay mechanics in Dark Souls and Nier are a turn-off for me. I very much prefer Turn-Based.