Dead or Alive 6 Interview: Destructible Costumes, No Venus Vacation Characters, No Comeback

Wccftech had the pleasure of interviewing Yohei Shimbori, Director on Dead or Alive 6, and got in a few questions from the Dead or Alive community.

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Jackhass98d ago

Sounds like they're trying to steer the series in a somewhat more mainstream direction.

WitcheRivia97d ago

Sounds like they're trying to kill the franchise after having ruined it since Itagaki left.

WhyWai8897d ago

meh, they are killing the franchise..

Homunculus96d ago

Great so why are DOAX3 and DOAVV still not localized in the west then? Are those characters now all of the sudden Japan exclusives, while we get Women Puncher simulator in the west here?