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By Nathan Birch:
"While I walked away from my hands-on time with Spider-Man with a few quibbles, there’s no denying Insomniac’s comic book romp grabbed me. While I’m generally satisfied to try most E3 demos once and move on, I snuck back for seconds and thirds with Spider-Man, playing about 45 minutes in total, and was tempted indulge in even more. Spider-Man doesn’t reinvent the open-world superhero template established by Batman: Arkham City, but it sands off some of the rough edges, creating a light, accessible, open-world adventure a broad range of gamers and comic book fans ought to get wrapped up in."

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ccgr33d ago

Bummer, hope it gets improved

Nitrowolf233d ago

I think the web swinging was the only concern I saw from others, and it does look like it needs some fine tuning but we are less than 3 months away from release which gives them plenty of time to polish it more

Dark_Knightmare233d ago

Really lol that’s funny because almost every other impression piece I’ve read has praised the web swinging as being amazing with its momentum based system and having quite a few options

inveni033d ago

Yeah, I didn't seem to see anyone have trouble. Maybe it's something the player can be skilled at?

Ninja_Ryu33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Luckily and fortunately they can improve and fix that with updates and patches.

doggo8433d ago

Go read Game informer's coverage on the game. Web slinging is at the very least solid, once again, i find it hilarious that people cling onto literally the only "negative" article. He also says the traversal is not bad at all, that just isnt "perfect" and the he snuck back for another 2 playthroughs, so he clearly didnt hate his time with the game

xfiles209933d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I dont think anyone else has mentioned this but this is a Bias media site for Microsoft Article Anyone who listens to those Fools Needs their head examined I have friends who played the game and they said the Web Slinging was very smooth. I trust my friends way more than the Idiots from this site

Markusb3333d ago

Personal opinion I saw an article last week which said the opposite.
Insomniac and Sony are not going to mess with this IP. Look at sonys current 1st party games. Standards are extremely high

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SCW198233d ago

Ha Ha Ha, learn to use momentum to your advantage and your tune will change. Learn to use the mechanics correctly before saying something is a miss.

Saijahn33d ago

You played it? Maybe you should upload a a tutorial for them to see how it’s done.

twiggytree1233d ago

If you need a tutorial for how to play a game you shouldn't be playing it in the first place.

SCW198233d ago

I have yes, and it’s just like riding a bike. Or the first time you played Spider-Man 2

Saijahn33d ago

Tutorials are damn near in every game..

Shiken33d ago


And most people complain about them being there.

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KaiPow33d ago

I imagine the web slinging probably just takes some getting used to, and who knows, maybe there's an upgrade in the skill tree that lets Peter traverse open areas that don't have any buildings.

I'd love to see about swinging across the Hudson Bay or whatever it's actually called in Spider-Man!

UCForce33d ago

The web swinging will based on physics, not floating like previous Spider Man games expect Spider Man 2 on PS2. I think they did said the game will have character progression and you can craft your favorite Spider Man suit like Noir Spider Man Suit.

Lighter933d ago

Spiderman moves slower than his surroundings. Looks weird.
He takes a few steps and suddenly he's already up some stairs, through a corridor and webslinging in the air.

BeardedDrachen33d ago

it’s been confirmed that you can upgrade to swing faster in the game.

Lighter933d ago

But maybe what I'm trying to say is, he doesn't move in real time.

DialgaMarine33d ago

I mean... He’s kindof a Human-Spider hybrid. He’s gonna be capable of ridiculous feats. I don’t understand your point though; what surroundings move faster than him?

Lighter932d ago

All you have to do is watch the demo. Watch how slow he moves, and then watch how fast his environment moves... Totally ridiculous.

To everyone who doesn't see it: Not saying this won't be a great game or that I won't get it, just pointing out a flaw.

doggo8433d ago (Edited 33d ago )

And let the imaginary problems shine :D

kowan33d ago

It's a video game about a guy with superpowers... Also would you rather him to walk or run as fast as how a real human would run if one could run up walls? In a video game? That would completely go against its supposed gameplay.

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Larrysweet33d ago

Ugg game looks amazing are we really gripping bought best spidey game ever made gamers annoy me so bad entitled impressioms seem very positive just hta build up get used swinging

hulk_bash198733d ago

My brain shut down halfway through reading your comment. But the web slinging looks great as far as what's been demoed so far. Im sure Insomiac will use the three months of development time left to refine everything.

Sm00thNinja33d ago


Imalwaysright33d ago

He's gotta have an opinion... even if we don't understand it!

Bathyj33d ago

Good grammar is so rare it's considered a super power. Spidey unlocks it in the third act.

UCForce33d ago

Wow, I thought my English is worse than your. Seriously, fix your English.

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