Resident Evil 2 Remake Will Run At “4K”/30fps On PS4 PRO And Xbox One X, 60fps Also Available

Capcom is targeting a "high frame rate" for the base Xbox One and PS4.

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masterfox94d ago

Well since I have a Full HD TV, a PS4 pro and no plans getting a 4k tv probably until PS5 will definitely get the benefit of the Super sampling mode, this PS4 pro mode adds so much to almost all or all games, higher framerate, super clean image and no jaggies at all. :D

angelsx94d ago

I'll play in 4K HDR enabled

Bahamut94d ago

4K HDR on an OLED TV...
The only thing that comes CLOSE to that visual quality is "real-life"...

DarkVoyager94d ago

“4K HDR on an OLED TV...
The only thing that comes CLOSE to that visual quality is "real-life"

I recently got an OLED TV myself and the picture quality and viewing angle is amazing. I’ll never look at LED/QLED the same.

mikeslemonade94d ago

4k and 60 frames on high setting on my PC. PS Poor and XBOX 720 loses.

Babadook794d ago

@mike. The problem with pc is there are no guarantees when it comes to performance.

Dragonscale93d ago

@mikes, well at least you didn't have to port beg for this one lol.

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neutralgamer199294d ago (Edited 94d ago )


I am with you right now is not the time for 4k but by Ps5 I would definitely like to have a 4k TV. 2020 is the year when 4k tv's will have close to half of the market share

Sayai jin94d ago

Look for tech to change a lot by 2020 as far as tv's.

neutralgamer199294d ago

I think pricing will be better and like you said there maybe other tech improvements

sprinterboy94d ago

Agree buddy, I'm basically getting my 4k TV the week before ps5 comes out, hopefully in and around black Friday, already have a nice £1000 saved up so I'm hoping maybe a high end tv from 2019 is around that mark.

Kaze2494d ago

I got a 4k hdr tv already for my X1X and it looks sweet, by 2020 8k tvs will be starting to emerge as the next step.. I'll be more than ready for the Xbox II.

Kyizen94d ago

4K ia dirt cheap right now and worth it. There are other features that are expensive like 240hz or OLED that will come down in price by PS5 but no reason to not get 4K by now...

2pacalypsenow94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Seeing as there’s close to no 8k content and it took 4 years from the 1st 4k tv hitting the market for 4k Blu Ray to release. Don’t hold your breath.

Sayai jin93d ago

All of my TV'S are 4k and I upgraded my 1080P projector to a 4k one.

Look into HDFury Linker. It does wonders for all types of resolutions.

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Knushwood Butt94d ago

I'm in the same boat. My 7 year old 1080p 3D panel still works fine and still looks great to me, so no justification to replace it. I too have a Pro.

This year I invested in VR instead, which genuinely delivers a new gaming experience. Plus, I'm not even looking at my TV when using VR.

Having said that, at some point I would like a 55 inch HDR 4K OLED panel with low input latency.

Uken1294d ago

My regular PS4 is able to use HDR on my LG 4K tv. It actually looks amazing with some games. My brother lives with me (NYC) and he has a pro. We've hooked it up to the TV also. Honestly regular PS4 looks amazing also in comparison to the Pro. So you're gonna be good either way.

shauzy94d ago

it doesnt even look that different if you have a small tv (40inches and below)

Knushwood Butt94d ago

I've read that 55 inch is the minimum size to benefit from 4K

Neonridr94d ago

@Knushwood - how far you sit away from your TV definitely factors in to the equation as well, but I wouldn't even bother looking at a 4K TV unless you are at 55" or above (I have a 55" and sometimes wish I had splurged for a 65")

Knushwood Butt93d ago


I usually sit abput 2m from the TV.

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Ninja_Ryu94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Going with the PC version to play it in 4K 60fps. I can't believe the One X can't do that.

slate9194d ago

4k 60fps doesn't count on "Low" settings ;)

Deep-throat94d ago

I'm sure a GTX1080 will do 4K60fps on Ultra preset.

Ninja_Ryu94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I have a 1080ti Slate91. Tbh I buy most of my multiplats on PC

MWH94d ago

Nice shot, you missed.

AngainorG7X94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Obviously it can, since more demanding games like Far Cry 5 which is open world runs in Native 4K & 30 fps on the 1X. The developer chose not to put that extra effort to achieve it. It's not possible to have Native 4K/30 in Far Cry 5 and not 4K/60 on a corridor game..

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MuddyWaters94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Let me know how you are able to pull off 4K and 60fps on your $500 pc. You're just a real treasure around here aren't you? You said this in a Spiderman topic which everyone already knows is an exclusive title,

"I still can't believe Xbox fans won't be able to play this game unless they buy a PS4."

What is it with some of you?You don't even mention the Switch, it's like the Xbox keeps ruining your day and you can't just enjoy games without acting immature in the process. You're making us adult PS4 owners look bad.

gamersday0894d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Xbox1x 4ks are mostly fluctuating resolutions between sub4k-4k. It's not really 4k as pointed out by many review sites while those 60fps in a lot of games actually means bordering 60fps. M$ misleading the consumers again nothing new. Ps4pro has many games in 60fps too.

Many review sites have also pointed out in order to tell the difference in resolution between ps4pro and xb1x is to pause the games and zoom into the background 4x to 6x. There's virtually no diff. between the 2 when it comes to the what's happening in the foreground. Whatever advantages you see are gazebo aka fanboi effects.

M$ as a money-generating corporation WILL NEVER EVER sell you a 4k60fps machine at $499 in 2017. That's how business is.

In case you missed the memo, xbx1x is now 349 soon it'll be 299 then 199 cos people are not buying it. They are already taking about ps5. Also, graphics card makers have mentioned the next gen gfx chip will make a quantum leap in terms of gfx processing. If you want 4k60fps you'll have to wait till next gen.

MuddyWaters94d ago

gamersday08, why are you responding to me? Nothing you said has anything to do with my comment. The Xbox One X is also not $349 soon, it just dropped to $449. Check Amazon, check Windows Store, check Gamestop, check Best Buy. I don't want to see some misprint ad.

My comment was to show me how you are able to achieve 4k 60fps on a $500 pc, which you and nobody else has yet provided.

rakentaja94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

X is a mostly 4K/30 console with some exeptions. It costs only 380€ where I'm living. Good luck with playing PC games for less than 400 euros combined (all the parts must be new from the store). X is a fantastic value for money.

Kaze2494d ago

Exactly, great value for the size and ninja quiet, nothing else out there like it.

Itsmedragons94d ago

28 downvotes...holy hell...who did you piss off?

ClanPsi194d ago

-31? Wow, that's a lot of butthurt Xbots.

PETE198594d ago

What a ridiculous comment. How many pc’s Will run this at 4K 60fps on high settings? And how many of those pc’s will match one x and be avaliable for the same price? You get what you pay for and console deliver a fantastic experience when compared to the cost.

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