Xbox Came To Fight But Still Lost

Xbox had to prove they still belong and to sit alongside Sony and Nintendo this gen. And Xbox nailed everything except one thing, they bet on Sony stumbling.

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SpaceRanger154d ago

MS did an excellent job of showing what would come on the PS4 in the near future as third party gaming, and they showed what would come for Xbox in about 2+ years time.

But I don’t agree that they’re relying on any specific platform to stumble at E3.

MLGecko154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

I don't think it was that they were [strong]relying[/strong], just that it is what they needed to happen to "win".

Skull521154d ago

The conference being the most watched shows people are excited for what the future holds for Microsoft, and they didn’t disappoint, I have no doubts the 4th generation Xbox is going to be the best place to play.

154d ago
BiggerBoss154d ago

Microsoft showed us that they're willing to fight NEXT GEN. They've already given up hope for the Xbox one. They should've bought some studios YEARS ago, and then maybe the Xbox would have a better lineup than Sea of Thieves, SoD2, and Forza. That's literally ALL that Xbox has this year.

They're shifting all focus onto the next Xbox.

uRaDecepticon153d ago

Im baffled by who they lost to?

morganfell153d ago


This is because people such as skull keep making the same mistake. They think most watched means most satisfied with or best conference. Millions of people went and saw The Last Jedi on opening weekend. A good movie? Nope.

A lot of people watched the MS conference because more than anyone else it was do or die. Everyone thought they would show the next HALO and the much delayed and often talked about next thing in gaming - the cloud based physics destruction. MS being in the hole was the one that had to throw everything at the wall so yes a lot of people watched. I watched it. And they sunk. I am not fooled by multiplayer trailers, a super brief look at engine tech, and some girl in a beanie looking like Gears of Life is Strange.

Also the morning of the conference, two major retailers - one was Gamestop - advertised a coming $150 price cut on the X1X. That turned out to be false. Had it been just one retailer I would have thought the sales department made an error. But when it is two then it smells as if MS sent out a notice then retracted it shortly before the sale was scheduled to commence at noon...the day of their conference.

TFJWM153d ago

@Skull521 It was the most watched on twitch only. twitch 1.7million to 1.5 but Sony won facebook 2.2 million to 821k on their official channels. Sony also had 80 or so theaters sell out with hundreds of people waiting to get in. Also pretty much all 3rd party streams had more Sony views.

UnHoly_One153d ago

Fucking Christ... Now we are arguing over who got more viewers for their E3 conference?

Seriously, is this what we've come to?

trooper_153d ago

@Skull: People were waiting for Microsoft to blast all cylinders.

They came out flat instead.

paintedgamer1984153d ago

Bigger Boss:

Actually they are shifting towards a GAAS and making xbox games exclusive to PC.

Prettygoodgamer153d ago


like TFJWM said, MS was only ahead on twitch and even then they were only just ahead, on every other viewer such as YouTube and Facebook Sony was easily ahead. The most watched conference all up was Sony by millions.

DarXyde153d ago

" I have no doubts the 4th generation Xbox is going to be the best place to play."

That's dedication. You're pledging allegiance before you even know what it's going to be called. I envy that single mindedness

UltraNova153d ago


You sir are by far the best customer around. No questions asked, blind devotion. If there's a cult not like this I sure as hell cant tell the difference. Sony and Nintendo surely are jealous of MS for having you. Keep it up!

Bathyj153d ago

@skull, you're excited about next gen?

You haven't even experienced this gen yet.

FinalFantasyFanatic153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Skull, You should really wait and see what Microsoft does, otherwise the next xbox might disappoint you as much as the Xone has this gen. On the upside I could probably sell you anything.

Anyway to be serious, I only checked out what Microsoft had so I could start writing a list of games I want on ps4. If you took out all the multi-plats, it would probably be less exciting than Sony or Nintendo's conferences, and I got what I wanted out of those two.

ps360s153d ago

@ Skull521

So what does that make us the Xbox one adopters? irrelevant and a cash cow for MS and MS made Xbox one owners fools!

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neutralgamer1992154d ago


Same thing last year and we know how well Xbox has sold compared to ps4. Xbox fans watching E3 in record numbers to see what ms have in store but issue is majority of the people watching already own a Xbox one

Don't get me wrong presentation wise ms had the most organized conference but games wise it wasn't even close

WilliamSheridan153d ago

Can't we just enjoy a conference without someone telling us why we didn't really like it or why we shouldn't have liked it?

corroios153d ago

after a year of wait for it, its normal that more Microsoft gamers were waiting for big games to drop...but the reality was more of the same.

neutralgamer1992153d ago


More power to you bro I enjoyed Xbox E3 but I also saw it for what it was and that's not much in the present with a suggestion of better future

neutralgamer1992153d ago


If Ps5 is released a year before Xbox one than MS will have the same if not even a bigger uphill battle. PS5 could come out fall 2019 with last of us 2, ghost and could get ports of current titles like RDR2, God of war etc

Early 2020 death stranding

10-15 million lead before even the next Xbox is even out makes Ps5 the market leader like ps4. Sony releasing pro a year before X had a lot to do with release windows moving forward because ms really can't come out with a new console till 2020 or even 2021

corroios153d ago

some still don't understand that. The PS5 could really come one year before the Xbox 2....

neutralgamer1992153d ago

Whether they understand it or not doesn't matter. Remember how many people wanted Sony to upgrade the specs for pro to match the X. Just for comparison sake Xbox 360 came out a year before ps3 and it had only a 6-7 million lead yet it took ps3 over 6 years up catch up and surpass it and many consider that Gen to be won by xbox360

Business 101 says Ps5 is coming in 2019. For Sony to come out and say we won't talk about hardware tells me they will be talking about hardware in 2019

morganfell153d ago


Add to this the likelihood the PS5 will be fully backwards compatible and it makes adoption a cinch. MS is behind and 8 ball from which they cannot escape as long as they chase hardware rather than games.

notachance153d ago

the only thing on MS conference worth its salt is FH4, the rest are Phil Spencer straight up breaking his word on "we're not gonna announce things early anymore" and a bunch of fanboys forgetting that as fast as they forget "power of the cloud"

There's no new IPs, even Halo and Gears 5 had no release window, that's 2 out of their 3 staple IP announced too damn early. Can't wait for another false hype word for XB fanboys to eat up and forget straight away.

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MLGecko154d ago

Xbox nailed it!!! And I still walked away wanting one or two of their exclusives. And even though Sony showed 1/5th the games Xbox did, I wanted all but one or two.

BiggerBoss154d ago

"And I still walked away wanting one or two of their exclusives"

What exclusives..?

MLGecko154d ago

Lol... honestly; just Tunic. And that is a launch exclusive, I think.

Doggy123153d ago

Ain’t you got anything better to do apart from blurting out all your bs ?? Thought you had lost of games ?

optimus153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Maybe halo, gears, Forza, ori?... If you're going to bring up the tired PC argument, don't bother. Microsoft already said they want more people to play together so deal with it. If you can't play on PlayStation then it is indeed an exclusive. Either way you still need Microsoft to play them. If you want to be mad at something than be mad at Sony who likes to give the PC folk the middle finger... But I'm sure you're ok with that cause it's Sony. 🙄

BiggerBoss153d ago (Edited 153d ago )


"Halo, Gears, Forza"

So basically the exact same games that Xbox has been getting since 2007?

Prince_TFK153d ago


If you want new games beside Forza, Halo, Gear, and Fable, then they do have Ori, Session, Tunic, Black Desert, the new Cuphead, and other unannounced titles from their new first party studios.

Let stop pretending that they don’t have any games at all, shall we? Do abit of research next time.

optimus153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

... So what do you want them to do to abandon them so they are never heard of again? Especially when those are the main franchises that sell the most? Would ea give up on Madden? Would Nintendo give up on Mario and Zelda? You Sony fanatics have the weirdest illogical complaints, I swear. 🙄... I don't know of a lot of companies that would just outright give up on a top selling game... Oh wait, scratch that. How's the latest Grand Turismo coming along? 🤔

Dragonscale153d ago

@optimus, its not just that ms relies on those ip's its the lack of anything new that isn't mediocre tbh. Compared to Sony currently xbox 1st party output doesn't even come close.

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i3eyond the Circle153d ago

I come to N4G to just look at the spins and logic that exists here and other vocal minority outlets to help me with my upcoming career and politics. The logic of these sony fans are one of a kind.

Xbox did a great job and the majority of PlayStation fans know this which is why they're mostly on Sony's Twitter and facebook crying about fortnite crossplay and not these exclusives youd think resurrected Christ

Doggy123153d ago

Don’t mention Fortnite and Sony Fortnite accounts as it is not allowed on n4g!!!

Rude-ro153d ago

Love people who try to sound above the rest with their opinion as fact.
You are chasing the right profession for sure.
Talked about more games to come... again. Check.
Showed no new AAA games to come... again. Check.
Talked about investing in gaming... again. Check,
Phil “we do not like to show off games that are not ready or close to release” a dig at sony. Then goes to show two out of three of their AAA exclusive not due for over a year to fluff their in house games... out of three that is.
Phil “hate third party deals to punish other consoles” announce third party deals with timed exclusives.
Announce new consoles being readied in the near future... 7 months after the “beast”....
Please... tell me what was so different from the last 6 years of e3s for Microsoft as they have yet to make anything new.
6 e3s... a couple of promises that did turn up empty(cloud, Black tusks new game, Kinect, money invested in gaming(but this time with proof thank god)etc), 4 console iterations with two upgrades, still just third party deals, 9 (?) forza games, 4 halos shown, or released, 3 gears, and ... yup.
All of what I said is good for the faithful... but not only not enticing to anyone new, but should put a huge warning on investing into their gaming until way after they have proven themselves to provide.

So please, let’s see the no spin from ya

Prince_TFK153d ago (Edited 153d ago )


“Talked about more games to come”

But they do have more exclusive games to come such as Halo, Fable, Forza Horizon 4, Crackdown 3, Gears 4, Ori, Session, Tunic, Black Desert, and the new Cuphead. Those are all console exclusive, mind you.

“Showed no new AAA games to come”

Refer to above. Also, are Gear, Halo, Forza, Fable, and Crackdown small indies titles?

“Talked about investing in gaming”

But they had just acquired 5 brand new studios. What did you expect those studio to do? Make garments?

Smh... some people on N4G I swear.

Prettygoodgamer153d ago


They aren't exclusive games they are all multiplat...

Zabatsu2153d ago

Have fun failing your political career. Next Ajit maybe? Seems possible.

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ClanPsi1153d ago

I really wish Tunic was coming to Switch. Seems like such a wasted opportunity.

AmUnRa153d ago

Yeah and 4/5 of the games that Microsoft showed are also coming out on the PS4😉

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Automatic79154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

The Xbox team nailed it by shutting down the naysayers, showing how Xbox has a leader that cares about games, and most importantly how Xbox is going to focus on first party production. This was one the best E3's for Xbox. Also, the Xbox One X is the benchmark in regards to the best looking games on consoles for the next three years. From first party to third party to indies. E3 showed how much support Xbox is getting from all developers.

BiggerBoss154d ago

Right? The PR is real.

Microsoft should've started focusing on their First Parties YEARS ago. The One came out literally 5 years ago, and they're just now putting a focus on making some first party games, which we won't see for even years after this.

MLGecko154d ago

And I can't believe it has taken them this long to put a studio in Santa Monica. Their E3 was perfect, just 4 years too late.

notherenotthere154d ago

the Xbox One X is the benchmark in regards to the best looking games on consoles for the next three years didnt know we could play hzd and the new god of war and in the near future last of us 2 and ghosts on xbox. at this point its still the minority that have the x what about all the people stuck with the s

ClanPsi1153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

I can't tell if you're agreeing with him or not. Your English doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

starchild153d ago

That doesn't change the truth of his statement. The Xbox One X will be the most powerful console until whenever the next round of consoles come out. And high end PCs are even more powerful than that. Nobody that owns those platforms cares whether more people own weaker platforms. People try to use this nonsensical reasoning to try to downplay the PC all the time too and it's just dumb.

notherenotthere153d ago


i disagree with automatic. as for my bad english its not my first language so my apologies for screwing that up

notherenotthere153d ago


i agree with it being the most powerfull console at this point. but i disagree on the best looking games part. power doesnt mean alot if you dont have the talent to use it

starchild153d ago

The talent to use it? PC, PS4 and Xbox have 95% the same people making games for them. Quit acting like exclusives are the only things that exist. The vast majority of games are multiplatform games. If a certain exclusive on my PS4 Pro looks really good that doesn't change the fact that my PC makes the vast majority of games look and run better than on my PS4 Pro.

notherenotthere153d ago

the good old my pc runs it better in a console article. well my pc runs it worse than my pro due to it being a pretty weak pc. on the exclusive point yes 95% of the games are shared between platforms thats why exclusives matter for choosing youre prefered platform and having talented studios and devs really helps to make those games something special on that platform so people are more inclined to buy that console. i like to think people buy a certain console with the thought does it have exclusive games that i like wich platform do my friends have and wich services or extras does it have that i need or want

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sin7279154d ago

Best looking games hahah! Gtfo!

343_Guilty_Spark153d ago


It has double the hardware base yet software sales are comparable (it’s not 2:1), PS4 users on average spend less on games, and revenue for Xbox and PS4 is similar. Sony needs volume sales because it’s users don’t buy as many games or accessories.

343_Guilty_Spark153d ago

The day one game pass is such a incredible value

343_Guilty_Spark153d ago

I bet if Sony allowed GOW day one on a Playststion Pass Plan you guys would be foaming at the mouth.

Silly gameAr153d ago


Like the xbox fans are foaming at the mouth? I doubt it because that would mean less quality games.

343_Guilty_Spark153d ago

@Silly gameAr

GamePass is a wild success and has a ton of games to play for $10 a month. They just added Fallout 4 and Division. They aren’t for me but people love State of Decay and Sea of Thieves. Just face it tears you up inside that not everyone wants or cares about owning a PS4 (I enjoy mine btw). Why are you so worried about what other people’s really sad.

Prettygoodgamer153d ago

"it tears you up inside that not everyone wants or cares about owning a PS4" with over double the user base, I would say it seems most people would take a ps4 over the I really think that point is plain stupid. Any gamer would choose ps4 over Xbox at the minute because anything on Xbox is on pc.

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neutralgamer1992153d ago


Ps5 will say hello in 2019 to best looking and playing games. It's nice to see ms investing inn 1st party but news flash fit Xbox fans both Sony and Nintendo have had them for decades

And the mindset is still the same just look at Xbox executive saying if you like single player than we have forza

Sony and Nintendo figured it out why compete with 3rd party publishers with online games when they can focus on high quality exclusives and the 3rd parties will take care of online games

Best of both works yet Phil wants to be more in line with what Ea and Activision are doing with Gaas. Conference was well organized but let's be real here most of the big stuff shown will be available on other platforms and will sell better on other platforms

Prettygoodgamer153d ago

PS4 hasn't been surpassed by Xbox once yet in the graphics department with the fact there is nothing on Xbox as good looking graphics wise as good of war and horizon zero dawn, the only thing Xbox x has is more power but nothing to show for it, add to that there are a fraction of Xbox one x owners compared to the original Xbox one so even the power is pointless.

trooper_153d ago

You forgot your sarcasm tag.

Goldby153d ago

I'd say the exclusives for ps4 pro are the bench marks, nothing Ubisoft, Activision or EA come close to Gow, or ghost next year

starchild153d ago

I think that's nonsense. The better multiplats certainly do compete with those exclusives. Especially on PC. Games like The Division 2, Anthem and Cyberpunk 2077 will look incredible on PC.

AmUnRa153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

O boy, when you realy believe what you are saying.

"xbox has a leader that cares about games".
You still believe every thing Spinning Spencer is spouting out, do you?
Please wake up and smell the coffee..

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Jinger154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

It's a pretty simple thing, Xbox's conference showed me way more games I'm excited about and will be buying regardless if it's 3rd party or not. Considering Sony's greatest surprise was RE2, the rest we already knew about.

I will say that Ghost of Tsushima is probably my game of E3 though. It looked so good. But if I'm rating conferences as a whole, Xbox easily won by having a solid conference with no awkward moments or sound issues and by showing me more games that I will be buying.

MLGecko154d ago

What, exactly, did Xbox surprise anyone on? A teaser for Halo? Or are you that hyped for Tony Hawk Lite? :P

RainbowBrite154d ago

Is like knowing your friends are preparing a surprise birthday party, you still want to be surprised, so you fake it: Oh that was awesome, I didn't knew about it...