Kojima: I'm Not Trying To Legitimize Games with Death Stranding's Famous Actors

Hideo Kojima rejected the notion that he is trying to legitimize games as a medium with Death Stranding's famous actors cast (Mads Mikkelsen, Norman Reedus, Lindsay Wagner, Léa Seydoux, Guillermo del Toro).

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Chris_Wray177d ago

The argument is fairly invalid to say he is anyway. Games have been using big named actors for ages. For me, part of his selection is actually based on either friendship or lost opportunities. Hideo has had cancelled projects with both Normal Reedus and Guillermo Del Toro. As he also says, he wants people he likes working with and some of the top actors/directors do have a good idea over positioning and pacing, at least when it comes to the cutscene part of things.

I still think he was wrong for replacing David Hayter with Kiefer Sutherland though, as much as I love Kiefer.

Goldby177d ago

He never replaced David Hayter

Skull521177d ago

Hope we aren’t in store for 6 hours of cutscenes and 4 hours of gameplay like MGS4. It would be great if cutscenes are almost non-existent in this.

cleft5177d ago

You're right, he didnt replace David Hayter. He threw him to the curb in his rush to get Kiefer Sutherland to take over a role that David Hayter had been doing for over 10 years. He didnt even have the decency to give the man a call saying, hey we are going with a different actor this time around. Being a decent human being costs you nothing, but he got his instant karma when Konami kicked him to the curb and preceded to step all over him.

No one needs Kojima to legitimize anything. Gaming is bigger and better than it has ever been. He is simply making his game, his own way. Nothing more, nothing less.

Goldby177d ago


He never replaced David Hayter because we never played as solid snake or big boss.

All Kiefer Sutherland was sad the voice of a medic brainwashed I to thinking he was Big Boss.

UCForce177d ago

@Skull521 MGS4 was great, though. @cleft5 How Metal Gear Survive turn out without Kojima ? The story was subpar and gameplay was a major downgrade from MGS5.

lazyboyblue177d ago

@Goodbye yeah he did. He was THE big boss in ground zeroes too before the infamous character switch. Sorry.

Nitrowolf2177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

What about Ground Zero or how about the other ending in the game or the show the real big boss.

What about the fact that the Japanese actor wasn’t replaced?

Brave_Losers_Unite177d ago


That is just the stupidest and pointless suggestion I heard

Chaos_Order177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Okay, so he was a different character. But as for the voice being changed there's a cutscene in MGSV where Venom Snake rescues Hewey, who says, "Snake, is that you?" Venom Snake replies, "Doctor Emmerich..." and then and ONLY then does Hewey believe it to be the same Snake he met previously. (Big Boss) Despite having a completely different voice. Hewey also had no idea about the Switch with Big Boss, (He was captured while it was going on, it would've been impossible) so he couldn't have been faking a reaction to trick the player. So if, as you say, the story is the reason why his voice is different, why this blatant plot hole?

-Foxtrot176d ago


"He never replaced David Hayter because we never played as solid snake or big boss"

But then the issue is for the last MGS game why did he waste his time on a plot like that? So what? He could hire someone like Sutherland for the game? He knew what he was doing.

I just don't understand why that plot was stretched out for the entire game, it's something you could have done in the first Act on the game then the last two acts bring in Solid Snake where you basically remake Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 to show things coming full circle.

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blacktiger177d ago

Correct but that wasn't Hide Kojima though it was the beging of Konami break down, replacing tremendous voice actor like Hideo Kojima wanted and replaced with cheap ones to keep the well known actos name that Konami thinks it'll work anyway because it's Metal Gear Solid game.

Dude and then you saw how everything just falls apart,

Nitrowolf2177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

No that decision to replace him was a kojima decision. Ever Sense the first metal gear solid game kojima always wanted a high profile Hollywood actor, David has even said that Kojima has tried to replace him in the past.

They were trying to replace him in three and it happened again in four.

While Konami is. Without a question of the doubt responsible for some really bad decisions, We shouldn’t be turning a blind eye and thinking that everything bad that happened with metal gear solid five was strictly on them

alex101594177d ago

Didn't Konami cancel Silent Hills? I definitely don't think that's what Kojima is doing though.

UCForce177d ago

Kojima did wanted to create a Silent Hill game with Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro. But Konami decided to cancel it for their “own” reason. That caused the fan and Guillermo del Toro himself got angry about it.

UCForce177d ago

Even I agree that Kojima dumped David Hayter to replace anothe celebrities which was stupid. But Konami done way much worse, they controlled their employees and treat their staff and Kojima like expandable. Konami turned our beloved franchise like Metal Gear Solid into pachinko machine and a mediocre zombie game.

Eonjay177d ago

I think you have this backwards. Me nor anyone I know is going to buy a game based on the voice actor alone. I think what we are seeing is more movie actors coming to videogames because they smell the money. Outside of maybe Marvel, it seem like games are gonna overtake movies.

joab777176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

I agree with you. I think many ppl simply want to be a part of what he is doing...

And so what if he wants to bring some legitimacy to his games? He already has the respect of gamers everywhere, why not try and expand the notion of what games are and try and reach a wider audience?

So many big name actors have already begun to film for Netflix and other newer types of media outlets. Honestly, I DO see a day in which games and movies etc. overlap.

Just seeing the possibilities that exist with such as Cyberpunk 2077, and I am convinced that entertainment will one day consist of the melding of video games and broader entertainment. The average gamer age is in the mid-thirties, and games and comic book movies have never been more popular.

It seems a natural progression if you ask me. It isn’t so much a gimmick, but part of the evolution of entertainment. 46 & 2 just ahead of us! And who better to help push us in this direction than the 4th rail king himself...Hideo Kojima!!!

xtheblackparade176d ago

And I imagine it's just a lot more comfortable to work with good actors for the motion capture and animating facial expressions.

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codelyoko177d ago

My question would rather be: is this the best way to spend a game's budget?

SegaGamer177d ago

I agree. Think how much these Hollywood actors are being paid, is it really necessary to have them? i don't think so. Often i have seen devs say that the cost of making games is why we have microtransactions.....well don't have Hollywood actors then.

I'm not saying they will say the same about this game, but with how much it costs to make a game now, you would think they wouldn't needlessly add something that is going to massively drive up the cost to make this game.

wiiismybaby177d ago

few things are more cring-worthy than bad voice acting. I thank the heavens for these high-end actors. Especially now-a-days with all the mo-cap. It's incredibly important in narrative for immersion to have great acting. In a "you get what you pay for" world, i'm happy to know Death Stranding will have top talent from the narrative side. With Sony backing DS, I'm sure there was enough in the Budget for the dev team and the actors. If you cheap out on the actors - you simply don't get as good of acting. It breaks the immersion or at least dampers what it could be. It's a new IP... one of their featured exclusives, I'm sure the Budget is somewhat near Kojima's vision of what will be his most closely analyzed title of his career.

fiveby9177d ago

I am not sure how much of a studios staff are members of the screen actors guild. The actors for mocap and voice over are members. But are animators and programmers? I don't know. But I do agree that spending millions for a recognizable face in a game feels unnecessary.

madforaday177d ago

Interesting read, but I think we all think they get something closer to Hollywood voice actors but a little less. I wonder if their names bring in that much extra money for the famous actors. I am sure mo cap will add to that expsense as well. I also know, a lot of "famous" actors like do video games because it is a passion project. They also grew up wth video games so they want to be a part of that as well.

I am would be curious to know the actual answer.

wiiismybaby177d ago

.... and if you read the article - he explains how these actors give their own input and ideas in the process. They're well known and acclaimed and it seems Kojima appreciates their professional insite - and aims to use it. Another benefit of hiring known actors.

Alexious177d ago

I don't think Death Stranding will have any microtransactions, though.

Eonjay177d ago

Then you see devs charging for save files and you know they are full of shit.

jznrpg176d ago

You don’t know that the cost goes up very much and if it’s not a big jump it is worth it for quality voice acting

SegaGamer176d ago

These are well known Hollywood actors, they aren't giving their voices and faces for cheap, i can guarantee you that.

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Razzer177d ago

Sony seems fine with it. It is their money so....

RememberThe357176d ago

Haha these guys are so fanboy their playing accountant. The trailer looks crazy and dope, and the actors have nice faces. Works for me.

Rude-ro177d ago

It’s a billion dollar industry and Sony’s target since ps2 was to blur the line of movies and games for most of their single player games.
Going with said actors is to improve this scenario.. not cheapen the experience and yet charge the same.
These are stories told from creative minds, why not give them the tools needed.
Spending the budget goes with anything else that is a commercial product. Why go with expensive upgrades when all the purpose of a cell phone is to make a call etc..
Want quality, go after quality and let the chips fall where they may... I mean, the game is still $60. It would still be $60 with cheap actors.
Plus, who is to say that the three individuals involved in this game are going after a pay check? They could be just testing the waters in said area and like the idea of the story.

lociefer176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

Exactly, now i'm gonna get a lot of hate for this.. BUT i think konami was on the right with the whole mgs5 debacle (just money wise of course)

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ccgr177d ago

I like it when games use known voice actors

madforaday177d ago

I am indifferent, I just want the developers to make me believe that the person who I am/intercat with are belieavble.

Nolan North's voice is very distinguishable but when I hear Drake talk I hear Drake and not Nolan. The same thing with Modi in GOW. I had no idea it was him until an article I saw.

Skankinruby177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Ray Liotta in Vice City was perfect, also loved Ashley Johnson in TLOU

dumahim176d ago

For me, I really don't care if they're known or not. Just that they can do a good job. I get the feeling Kojima is using actors now for their acting ability which will help with the mo-cap work more than anything.

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AK91177d ago

Good it doesn't need to be.

asad197177d ago

I already know this game will be one of those games where critics will give out 10 out of 10s but the actual game will be average and boring.

Silly gameAr177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

So, it's an Elder Scrolls game?

Obelisk92177d ago

Nah, it's a modern Nintendo game.

Enturax176d ago

Nah, it's Uncharted 4. You make your own pacing in Elder Scrolls games and I, personally, can see its charm (coming from non ES series fan)

Enturax176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

@Obelisk92 ...Get out. Nintendo is one of few who still remember that games are meant to be fun, not interactive movies for lazy casuals.

Bahamut176d ago

@Everyone (Silly gameAr, Obelisk92, Enturax, asad197)

So you all collectively hate everything. Great. Lol.
I love all those games and will (hopefully) love Death Stranding. You guys should too.


Silly gameAr176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

Yep. I hate everything. You got me. Games? Nah. I like brands. Give me a break. Need a eye roll emoji.

RememberThe357176d ago

It's almost like everyone has their own experiences and opinions. Weird.

Obelisk92171d ago

@Enturax I can appreciate Nintendo games and I always loved them, thanks.
I was just ironic on the excessive praise that BotW and Odyssey got last year (because yes, I do Think it was excessive, like it was for God of War).

No need to get salty.

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Bahamut176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

I doubt it, Kojima games are always fun.