Addiction to video games is now a recognised illness

Those who suffer have trouble controlling their behaviours around gaming.

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ArchangelMike155d ago

Keep those shrinks away from me. I'm very happy with my "gaming disorder" thank you very much. It's not my fault, it's the fault of the games company. They keep making too many awesome games that I just have to play.

Seraphim155d ago

Lol too perfect. Says every addict.

At some point we'll have an addiction for everything. ? is when does the addiction of work become recognized? Some people are addicted to working after all.

Brave_Losers_Unite155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Yeah and some people aren't addicted to things. Ever think of that?

Elwenil155d ago

Next it will be called a "disease" and they will say those afflicted by it "can't help it".

Shrinks could save a lot of time if they just kick most of their patients in the taint and tell them to grow the hell up.

thorstein155d ago

Well, we already went through this faux scare in the USA a few years back. Then it was determined that it wasn't actually an addiction at all.

BiggerBoss155d ago

Honestly, I do believe that Video Game Addiction exists. I would be a fool to say that it doesn't.

People who can't get a job, can't pay bills, etc, BECAUSE they are SO into video games, well they are CLEARLY addicted and need help.

HOWEVER, I would say that 99% of gamers play games because they enjoy them, and they don't have a problem. Gaming is a hobby, and there is no problem in investing in a hobby if you enjoy it.

Addiction is different though, and should rightfully be taken seriously.

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Magnetar155d ago

Great, now politicians have a reason to add a tax too them....

annoyedgamer155d ago

What is addiction to the TV called? Oh right.

Glak18155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

TV Binge Watching Disorder...

S2Killinit155d ago

Its slightly different. There is truth to this article. Video games dont just occupy time they also distract. (More so than tv)

annoyedgamer155d ago

I can't find any officially recognized disorder by that name.

Glak18155d ago


An addiction to anything is still an addiction and btw I didn't make that up. TV Binge Watching Disorder is real. The problem is 80% of people commenting are getting offended like they are guilty. Gaming isn't a disorder, but people who overdo have an illness.

Glak18155d ago


Keep looking, try looking for anxiety and television.

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Tross155d ago

Shhhh...hypocrisy is supposed to go unnoticed so gamers can be thrown under the bus and used as a scapegoat for all of society's problems. Failing that, hyperbole will do just as well.

paintedgamer1984155d ago

Addiction to anything is an illness.

robtion155d ago

I'm not sure why there is a need to pathologise everything. It is not an illness. It is a behavioural problem. At most the term behavioural disorder perhaps but not an illness. Similar to gambling problems, again not an illness.

paintedgamer1984155d ago

Gambling is def an illness especially when you cant stop and lose everything youve worked hard for. Im saying to the point where oneself cant stop. Behavioral disorder is just sugar coating it. At what point does it become an addiction? When you cant stop. Whether it be gaming, alcohol, ciggerettes, sex, drugs, and yes gambling.




the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

BiggerBoss155d ago

Why defines an illness to you? If a psychological disorder negatively affects a persons life, why is it not an illness?

Goldby155d ago

Addiction is a mental health illness.

And excessive gaming to the point it has a negative impact on your life is a gaming addiction

robtion155d ago

@@BiggerBoss Schizophrenia is a mental illness. Too much gaming or television or phone use or gambling is a behavioural problem. There is a difference. One revolves around choice and self-control the other does not.

And excessive eating to the point it has a negative impact on your life is an eating addiction? If so you have just pathologists half of the western world. Do you see what I'm getting at?

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Brave_Losers_Unite155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Why because you would rather make it harder for gaming addicts to fight their addiction?

Kokyu155d ago

Cause gaming isnt an addiction. Ive been gaming for 35 yrs Ive never been addicited in my life to gaming. Whiskey sure I was a drunk for a time and I was addicited to it but you know what I did? I stopped drinking 3 yrs ago.

Brave_Losers_Unite155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Gaming is an addiction. There are some parents who neglect their child and their child died because they were playing too much WoW. People have died being in front of the screen gaming too long and not getting enough rest. Just because youre not addicted doesn't mean others aren't. Not everything revolves around your personal experience.

BiggerBoss155d ago


Just because YOU aren't addicted to games, does NOT mean that gaming addiction does not exist.

I'm not addicted to games either, but it's pretty clear that SOME people have a serious addiction.

Gaming addiction is no different than gambling addiction.

ImGumbyDammit155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

@Kokyu I have been drinking all my life that doesn't mean I am alcoholic. Just because you do something a lot does not make it an addiction. You can actually be well-functioning, adjusted individual and game more than someone that is addicted to gaming (not common but, it can happen).

An addiction is when it controls your life. Gaming addiction is a behavioral addiction. But, it has many things in common with other addictions that have a more biological tie-in, like heroin. Every decision you make revolves around that addiction. So much so it destroys your life and those around you. You need the stimuli, in this case, gaming, in order to function. Peoples actions vary but often there are common tells. Often missing work to seek that stimuli, which causes financial stress, which causes the need to game more for that rush of the addiction to remove that stress, Personality can change - maybe a little, maybe a lot. You abandon and destroy social relationships to seek that stimulus. Addicts value their addiction over other needs biological needs, like eating, and so on. Nothing is more important than that stimulus that your body craves to feed. An addict has biological driven need to seek that stimulus.

Gaming addiction is no different than a lot of the addictions that ruin lives, eg. gambling is a common one.

Blu3_Berry155d ago

Oh god why is this a thing? Fack off.

Glak18155d ago

Are you being serious?

Let me guess you read the title and assumed "Oh I game and they are telling me I have an illness" I close?

Although have you ever:
Gone days without showering or eating because you are busy with a game?
Passed out or fell asleep while gaming?
Disconnect from every day activities to game (miss school/work, stop hanging out with friends/family, your whole social life revolves around a game like dating and friends)?

Those are just a few...yes that is a thing and the person is ill whether they want to believe it or not.

Blu3_Berry155d ago

Well you certainly are not wrong. I retract my comment.

Gh05t155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Or we could just create ONE illness that has these signs (and many more I am sure) regardless of the OBJECT of addiction. Otherwise we are going to be here all day with new objects of addiction.

Why isnt the illness just addiction and if you show signs of addiction you have an illness regardless again of the object or activity you are addicted too. Why do we have to have it called "Gaming Disorder"?

Also not to sound like a complete ahole because I know addiction is a huge issue but as the article mentions anecdotally this affects younger people more often... You know you can unplug the tv and games and not let your kids play games for a long period of time to break them of these addictions, go cold turkey on them. The older they get the harder this will be as an adult wont do it for themselves and even if they did they could go around and still find ways to get their fix.

Brave_Losers_Unite155d ago (Edited 155d ago )


That make work but not all addictions have the same symptoms. Like imagine the difference between withrdawal of say caffeine vs heroin

Glak18155d ago


I won't debate what you are conveying, but having a specifically named issue generates funding (MONEY) and jobs. Sadly this is how our society works. Is it right? It's not my field of expertise.

Everything you are saying is valid, but you obviously have taken this personal because you enjoy gaming. Game away, just balance life with it. The fact is many people are having issues because they are not able to balance it.

"You know you can unplug the tv and games and not let your kids play games for a long period of time to break them of these addictions, go cold turkey on them."

That could be a solution, but do you know how many parents neglect their children while playing games? Maybe they could come up with a "Bad Parent Disorder. Many will be treated.

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