The Polymega is modular retro console that’ll help retro collectors back their games up

One of the more interesting things I stumbled on at E3 this year was the Polymega, from PlayMaji. It’s a modular set-top retro console that’ll help collectors preserve their games from multiple as well as play them, without having to switch between systems all the time.

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darthv7297d ago

It's one expensive modular retro console but I dig that you can put any optical disc in and it plays based on the modular unit plugged in. They need to make a jaguar module.

Jdoki97d ago

$250 for the base unit and one module, plus $60 per additional module... And it doesn't allow ROM's... This will either be DOA or incredibly niche and discontinued fairly quickly.

Neonridr97d ago

I remember following this thing back in the day. I honestly didn't expect it to see the light of day. I am definitely interested as it's hard collecting some of the older hardware, and getting it to work with newer TV's is an issue. This unit with all the extra modules might scratch that itch nicely.

Jaypi0397d ago

My computer does this for free.